Uploading Beta14 Versions when The Beta14 tag is not there

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I'm not sure if anyone realizes this but if they upload a Beta14 inp file and select it's Beta13, when they "Say" it's Beta14 in the text box: The file name generated on submit time will say Beta13, EVEN AFTER you change it back to Beta14 when it becomes selectable.

So when users download a couple of different inp.zips, their filenames may say bbh_railroad_9837472_m36b13.zip when the recording was actually made in m36b14 and even after the entry is changed to say the inp was recorded in m36b14.

I think it would be courteous to hold off of new beta uploads untill the beta selection is in tact.

This is sort of a bug in the site, downloaded filename don't necessarily correspond to the mame version used... but zwaxy is way to busy i think to fix this.

-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), January 12, 2000


I always thought the drop down box could be organised somewhat better. For example, why couldn't we have three drop down boxes...

1) Platform (DOS, WIN, , MAC, *INX, etc.) 2) Version (0.34, 0.35, 0.36, etc.) 3) Sub-version (FINAL, Beta 1, Beta 2, etc.)

Then we'd never have to wait for new specific betas to show up!!

Zwaxy, any chance you could make this change???

-- Pat (laffaye@ibm.net), January 12, 2000.

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