Cholera kills 17 people in Somalia over weekend : LUSENET : Grassroots Information Coordination Center (GICC) : One Thread

Any information on outbreaks around world? I know there was an outbreak of cholera and in India last week. Could infrastructure breakdowns be contibuting to already big problems in places like Somalia and India?

News 24 South Africa reports: Cholera kills 17 people in Somalia

Mogadishu - At least 17 people have died of cholera in the Somali capital since the weekend and many more lives are threatened, a doctor based in Mogadishu told AFP on Tuesday.

Appealing to Somali businessmen to contribute to efforts to combat the epidemic, Gandhi attributed the cause of periodic outbreaks of cholera in Mogadishu to poor sanitation, lack of clean water and ignorance. "Please boil your water and food, also clean your neighbourhoods," Gandhi appealed to the city's residents. Cholera has also killed many people in central, northeastern and southern Somalia regions since the disease emerged there in December, several medical sources told AFP. - Sapa-AFP Link to story:

-- Carl Jenkins (, January 11, 2000

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