Minor Little Computer Error at my HMO which had to be fixed manually

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Has anyone had any problems like this? I have an HMO (a big company). I went to an out of network doctor Dec.9. Normally, this claim would have appeared in my "deductible" column and the $55 would be added to my Deductible for 99. (With my December out of network claims I'd meet my deductible for 99, and would therefore have met it for 2000) Today I get the report...dated Jan.6. The "code number" is correct, but, the $55 does not appear in my deductible cou\lumn and does not get added into the "deductible met" figure. I call the HMO and after she checks it on the computer she says I'm right, "the computer didnt add it in" and "she has done it manually and will send me a verification". I've had this HMO 5 years, and, while I've had many other problems with them, I've NEVER had a computer error problem. (I asked if it were a Y2K problem and she just laughed.)

-- Name Witheld (namewitheld@nowhere.com), January 11, 2000


[Grimaces - eek!]

You could always call your [State] Dept. of Insurance and turn it in. That's a dastardly bug, if it's not a provider set-up or config issue.

The faster it's investigated (and corrected, if it's pervasive), the better for everybody.

-- lisa (lisa@work.now), January 11, 2000.

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