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Suspected Gas Explosions in Italy and London: Four deaths several injuries

Gas Explosion in London Store Injures Three, Ties Up Commuter Traffic

----- Information Added: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 - 12:32 PM ----- One of London's busiest traffic routes was closed this (1/11/2000) morning as emergency services cleared up debris from a suspected gas explosion at a London jewelry store last night.

The blast gutted several shops and flats and injured three. The closure was expected to bring chaos to morning rush-hour traffic.

The explosion, thought to have occurred in the basement, blew out the front of the shop and windows in at least three flats, scattering debris over 100 yards from the scene.

The three people rescued from the first-floor flats were treated in St. Mary's Hospital, although none was seriously hurt. An eyewitness reported giving first aid to two injured passers-by who were injured when they were thrown to the ground by the blast.

It is likely that some of the flats will have to be demolished.

A Transco spokesman said investigators were on site, but would have to wait until the buildings were declared safe before they could start looking for the cause of the explosion.

Gas Explosion Collapses Two-Story Building in Italy, Four Killed

----- Information Added: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 - 12:21 PM ----- The explosion of a gas pipe in the first floor apartment caused the building to crumble, according to news reports.

Four members of the same family were killed. A four-year-old boy, son of the couple that was killed, was pulled out alive from under the rubble. A man also rescued from the rubble was in serious condition at a hospital.

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-- Carl Jenkins (, January 11, 2000

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