Right Thinking - 7 Tools for Health

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Right Thinking

The way we think influences who and what we
are. Some thought patterns can emerge as forces
for health and others will take you down the path
of suffering.

Positive thought

We have a choice. We can transform our
emotional nature so that we are also seeing
the positive side along with the negative.

Seeing the difference between what we can
change and what we can't allows us move
past otherwise insurmountable obstacles.

Desire is the driving force of all our actions.
When we are in control of this powerful
energy we are no longer moving at the
whim of external forces. Frustration can
now be curtailed.

Thought as a physical force

Thought can do damage to others just as
damage can be done using physical objects.
Be careful of thoughts of violence as these
thoughts can turn around and bite you.

Constructive thought emanates from you and
heals all that it touches. This in turn heals your
pain and suffering. You will no longer need to
cry from the deep sorrow that is within us all.

Here and Now

The conscious mind is always looking to the
next moment in anticipation of the future.
It is always imagining other places. But
you are neither in these other moments
nor in these other places. You sit in the
eternal Now and cannot escape the Here.
Looking elsewhere will only add confusion
and keep you from seeing the world as it is.
Stop now and close your eyes. Feel your
breathing. Feel what your senses are now
telling you. You are the Great Healer!

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), January 11, 2000


Thanks spider! A very helpful reminder!!

-- jeanne (jeanne@hurry.now), January 11, 2000.

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