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I just got a program called I-Author Delux (Enreach makes it) wich allows the creation of VideoCD 3.0 discs and Super VCD discs....

Is anyone out there interested in creating SuperVCD discs? Has anyone done so already?

-- MrVCD (, January 11, 2000


Hi MrVCD, my 2 cents on this issue: I'm a believer that the only reason to create VCDs is compatibility with standalone DVD players, if not for present-time, then for the near future (not everyone has a set top player right now). SuperVCD is not even a de facto standard right now and I am aware that only one model of DVD out there is able to play them. Moreover, there is no sign of a change of direction anytime. Then why would anybody want to create SuperVCDs? Why not just burn increased bitrate MPEG1/2 files into a regular DataCD? Unless you are chinese of course...

-- Matias (, January 13, 2000.

Currently SuperVCD and VCDver3.0 s/w discs are not readily available, even in South East Asia (available only in limited quatities). However, abundant number of players on sale can play them.

For information to those unfortunates who have little or no contact with Asian countries, here are the current situations there.

All new players available come in combinations of one or more of the following systems:-

1) Ld (the well known original 300 mm laser disc) 2) VCD (ver 1.1 and ver 2.0) 3) DVD 4) VCD ver 3.0 5) SuperVCD 6) Mpeg3 7) MDV (plays upto 10,000 midi tunes from one CD disc) 8) CD (of course) Most new VCD settop players will play Ver3.0 and upmarket units will play SuperVCDs and/or Mpeg3s, and all units will play audio CDs.

Also shelf-top type hifi system players that play only audio CDs are obselete in Asia. All of them can play VCDs as well.

Also obselete are VCD settop players that do not incorporate the C- Cube CL680 chip facilites or equivalent. Present settop VCD players with these facilites cannot be appreciated properly unless you actually own one or more of them. It is the norm too that these players come with two or more CD trays.

-- TOMO (, January 13, 2000.

Yeah TOMO, the problem is that when the factories launch a model of player to the market, it is actually not A model: You have the "asian" model, the "U.S./Canada" model, the "LatinAmerica" model, and so on... out of the same brand with the same model number. These models of course have all different capabilities and perhaps SuperVCD is raising in Asia, but in western countries certainly it won't because of DVD.

-- Matias (, January 14, 2000.

I think the main reason why big name producers such as JVC, Panasonic etc do not sell VCD players in Western countries is because of the lack of VCD softwares available in those countries. On this forum it has been mentioned that to buy a VCD movie in London, you have to go to a particular street in China town, turn left after the noodle shop and ask for a Mr Wong. The same VCD movie cost an arm and a leg and there is limited choice of titles. That contrasts by a quantum leap to that in Asian cities where VCD softwares are sold at every street corner, available in abundance of choices in titles and their costs are very much affordable.

Another point not known to some in Western countries is that VCD players are not wholly the domains of the big name companies such as Sony, Pioneer etc. and for that matter not even for DVD players. There are scores of local companies producing quality VCD and DVD players under their own names in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan etc. etc. Korean companies like Samsang, Daewoo, Hyundai and LG are there in fierce competition too. China alone has hundreds of companies making VCD and DVD machines for sale. Only little is exported because China consumes them by the tens of million of units each year. Because of the limited amount of DVD softwares, and their high prices and not being able to be copied by CD-R burners, DVD players are not selling like hot cakes as compared to VCD players in Asia.

-- TOMO (, January 16, 2000.

I am very interested in creating a S-VCD.. because I want to create a looping video for some shows, but I want it to be of high quality. Lets face it... most V-CDs look like shit compared to standard video or TV, and cmpared to laser disc or DVD it is like your eyes have been blurred.

Please e-mail me on how to create a S-VCD if I can get software that is not the price of a fricking car.

-- Blackout (, February 07, 2000.

I have produced SVCD compliant discs from TNMpeg encoder and compared them to VCD of the same material. My Yamakawa DVD player recognises SVCD and the difference is quite considerable. Use TNMpegs SVCD default settings. I burned the discs with Nero which has an SVCD template et voila! high quality video- notquite but close to DVD

-- DML (, March 03, 2001.

I have no coments but two questions, Is that I-Author Delux by Enreach is only for SVCD or i can make regular VCD with it???. if i can use it for regular VCD then how do you use that software. is there any manual available on the net. any instructions, step by step to creat main menu and selections???., Please help. i have it installed but don't know how to use it. Thanks. Malik

-- Malik Maqsood (, January 20, 2002.

here's the ultimate answer and the solution;

1-s-vcd has superior quality compared to vcd and i suggest everyone using this format instead of same old crappy opposed to those who say that not many dvd players can play those dics, actually many standalones do play them.i have tested myself with brands like pioneer, sony and they do play.If you wanna make sure just try it with one of those second class brands like samsung,apex,yamakawa they definetely play..

2-f you do a little research, you can make dvd-like s-vcds. I create s-vcds with menus, chapters (with scene selection,trailer,etc.) and it's just perfect man..believe me..

for more detail ..u can e-mail me..

-- Burak (, February 15, 2002.

I just created a SVCD in a regular CD-RW and played it in my "Apex 1500" DVD player bought at the local Wal-Mart and it plays wonderfully.

The VCD that I created before the SVCD, did not have the image and color quality that SVCD does. The software used is "Pinnacle Express" 49.00 USD, the DVD player was 80.00 USD. Compared to the price of a DVD-RW (600.00 USD), I can see whay the Chinese prefer SVCD and VCD.

-- hermes (, March 19, 2002.

Hermes, did you create the same program twice, once in VCD and once in SVCD, to compare the quality. The reason I ask is that my current dvd player doesn't play SVCD; however, the apex dvd player you mentioned is still available for $80 (; maybe Walmart, too), and it would be worth it to me to get it if the slide shows and videos I make would be much better quality in SVCD.


-- Davia M. Love (, March 20, 2002.

I just wanted to quickly say that I think that being able to create vcd,svcd, and not having to pay for the movie is a lets not be fussy.

-- HI FROM CANADA (, May 23, 2003.

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