Hardware, realtime MPEG Encoders+Capture Card for NT?

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I've been looking at the broadway. I know its not realtime, but its as close as I can get for under 1000. Does anyone have any suggestions?


-- FunOne (FunOne@tyler.net), January 10, 2000


There are a number of hardware encoders with a new one on the market made by Telestream. Though not as cheap as software a hardware system is ideal for people who are compressing Beta Tape or other source material.

For decoding again I prefer hard ware decoders and use a multi channel hardware decoder card built by Visual Circuits out of Mpls. They have great technical and engr support and have recently built a device which follows the DVD type system with remote control, etc.

This player is called Firefly for some reason......

Most of my applications are for entertainment and retail though so this might not be what you had in mind.

Hope this helps.

-- Alex C. (carson_alex@hotmail.com), May 05, 2001.

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