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yo gf. sup? i know that sup hasnt been written since like...3 yrs ago, but i shall just look like a fool. IAD CRUCAM!!!!!!! Futere amo multum magnum hominem!!!! (just kidding, i dont really, but if u can read it congrats.) well N E WAY!!!! As yall can tell im bilingual. Manfred would like to salute you all in his manfredian way...not to be confused w/ Freudian. He is not to be confused w/ Jung, which is pronounced YUNG!!!!!!! so stop saying juh ung. IT PISSES ME OFF!!! Well. Angelica is beginning to get a bit seepy. So I think we are going to retire now. (wink wink) which reminds me of a song!!! Well n e way. Night yall. Have a HAPPY HABIT-FORMING DAY!!! _LOVE ALWAYS Manfred, Delphi, Snork, Feifert, Pillow, Bunny, Doraemon, Little Guy, all the wuffles, and the rest of the happy pappy gang. >^..^<

-- Delphi Savenoe (, January 10, 2000


As your medical adviser I must urge you to think seriously about a complete change of lifestyle.

These fractured rantings, which may once have endowed you with a certain charisma in the eyes of impressionable teenagers, now bespeak a personality on the verge of complete dissolution.

Give up drugs, legal and otherwise; adopt a cantaloupe-only diet; devote at least one hour each day to nude aerobic abseiling; and think pure thoughts (start perhaps with Julie Andrews and ex- President Ford dancing together across an Alpine meadow).

Most important of all, renounce this forum and begin posting to Ask A Drunk. Within weeks you will feel a new spring in your step, a fresh glow in your cheek, an anarchic vibrancy in your duodenum!

Well, it worked for me. (Hang on, why is my nose growing longer and longer…?)

-- Rex (, February 23, 2002.

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