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One of the "goals" of my life is to eventually "free" myself of the grid and our "esteemed" electric company. Those who know me may think this curious since I am an electric company employee. (I hate to admit it. Does anyone know an AA type organization for reformed power company people? LOL)

However, my observation and experience in my line of work has been that the "powers that be" (whoever they are) are simply using our "appetite" for energy, consumer goods, and "the world as we know it" (TWAWKI) to "Farm" the general population (including myself) for their own purposes.

I guess I can't blame "them." If I were "them" I would do the same. That is the "name of the game" in free enterprise.

As I see it, the only way out of this is to use our "native" ingenuity and utilize those devices, systems or energy sources that will release us from our "bonds." (Or possibly find a way to do "without.")

Yes, this is a little bit extreme. My wife does not fully understand my attraction and penchant for things like Volkswagon Diesel Rabbits, alternate energy, woodstoves, and turning off the lights. (Which I do continually to her chagrin)

Anyway, as part of this interest, I have been waiting for the "after Y2K Sales" on a Baygen Radio. A nice radio for my shop would be a welcome addition.

As of yet, I don't see too much.

Some suppliers such as Jade Mountain have actually *raised* prices on the newest "Global Shortwave" radio. (It was $82 before. Now theirs is $125)

Anybody see any good deals on either the FRP2 Solar or the Global Shortwave version?

Best regards,

-- Joe (, January 10, 2000


I think you'll find that people on this board have made similar changes in lifestyle to what you aspire.

I'm not even close to there yet, but I don't think that I would sell either my freeplay shortwave radio or my flashlight.

You may have to wait another couple of months for others on this board to even THINK about selling them.

-- nothere nothere (, January 10, 2000.

You might check the C Crane company which sells the Baygen(tm) radio. Late last year they had a "special" for online orders -- at $99. C Crane Company

-- (, January 10, 2000.

People seem to be unloading things at ebay. Go to and do a search on "solar". Saw some very good prices on radios, battery chargers and Trace panels.

-- mommacarestx (, January 10, 2000.

The latest Real Goods catalogue has many sale items useful to us, including the SW Baygen with light. I forget the price but I think it was under a hundred. Check

-- Old Git (, January 10, 2000.

I bought a Freeplay Bay-Gen solar/crank amfm radio at Sam's for under $70. There was quite a few there before the rollover. I also saw some smaller ones at JC Penney's on a sale table after Christmas.

-- Carol (, January 10, 2000.

I bought a Baygen for myself and one for my mom at Sam's club, also. They were $ 49.95 each and were purchased in NE Ohio, if that helps.

-- Daisy Jane (, January 12, 2000.

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