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Has anyone had experience with archival print washers made by Red Village? Or can anyone tell me why not to consider them? Thanks Larry

-- Larry Shearer (, January 09, 2000


I purchased one about a year and a half ago. It is well made and works well ('though I haven't tested washed prints to verify the level of residual fixer I haven't had any prints that have shown problems.)

The washers were, at the time of my purchase, much cheaper than anything else I could find commercially. I have no experience fabricating plastic boxes and didn't feel like trying to learn that art, so I purchased one.

I admit I had some trepidation about sending off a check to someone I'd never heard of, but the washer arrived a couple of weeks later, exceedingly well-protected in its shipping box. He's an honest guy.

Only problem: the water inlet fittings are screwed into the sides at the bottom in four locations. To protect the fittings he attached small blocks of plastic either side of the fitting. These keep you from tightening the fittings, which now leak ever-so-slightly, about a quarter cup of water over several hours. Not crucial but not perfectly dry. One of these days I am going to smear silicone sealant around the fittings and that should be that.

-- Don Karon (, May 10, 2000.

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