EDMONTON SUN: "Day's Y2K idea bytes, say computer experts" - '...computer suppliers should pay some of [Alberta's] tab for beating the Y2K bug'

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Sunday, January 9, 2000

Day's Y2K idea bytes, say computer experts


City computer experts were shocked at Treasurer Stockwell Day's suggestion that computer suppliers should pay some of the province's tab for beating the Y2K bug.

Day shouldn't anxiously wait by the mailbox for some of the $250 million the government spent on Y2K preparedness to be returned, according to Greg Michetti of Michetti Information Solutions Inc.

"He shouldn't expect too many cheques from us," Michetti said, adding his company upgraded computer systems in Alberta Progressive Conservative offices in Edmonton and Calgary but they weren't paid directly from provincial government coffers.

"That's like asking car manufacturers for money back if you don't get in an accident. Should you get a break from airlines because your plane didn't crash?"

Brenda Evjen, co-owner of Soft Effects Inc. computer sales and service, used to work for the provincial government and said upgrades were badly needed anyway.

"I think it's ridiculous to go after the industry that way," Evjen said. "Things could have gone wrong if they didn't update. I think they should just write it off."

Evjen admitted the government likely spent too much on Y2K preparedness because of bureaucracy.

Day has asked for an evaluation from Innovation and Science Minister Lorne Taylor to assess whether the government needed to spend as much as it did. Day said his eyebrows were raised when there were no Y2K problems worldwide.

Day said last February that he would hit up industry giants like Microsoft for some of the costs and suggested the province may look at legal action.

But on Thursday he said there would be no legal move against the manufacturers and wanted to know if suppliers are willing to share responsibility for the cost.


-- John Whitley (jwhitley@inforamp.net), January 09, 2000



This brings a chuckle, if the US folk think that capitalistic, low taxed, cowboy booted, opinionated, redneck attitude is dead in Canada, they should do some reading up on Alberta's Ralph Kline.

And the guy still hangs at his fav. bars to have a beer with the boys.

wadda guy.

-- Brian (imager@home.com), January 09, 2000.

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