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Looks like it was a dry news day in Oklahoma...:)


Lawmaker put on spot with clerk


By Mick Hinton
Staff Writer

STATE Rep. Clay Pope had a hard time convincing a store clerk that he didn't have the inside scoop on what was going to happen with Y2K over New Year's.

Pope stopped off at the Wal-Mart store in Woodward to get some bottled water for his daughter's baby formula. He passed by some lamp oil that he realized he needed for a couple decorative holiday lamps, then picked up some matches.

He grabbed a bunch of batteries, knowing that he needed more for his son's Christmas toys. And Pope, D- Loyal, saw shotgun shells on sale, so he bought some for his nephew Rusty.

When he arrived at the checkout stand, the clerk recognized him. She exclaimed, "Now Rep. Pope, just what do you know that I don't?"

Pope said it took him a good half-hour, explaining that he just needed all those items.


-- John Whitley (, January 09, 2000

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