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Hi, i am doing a paper on film adaptions of this story. i was not required to read the story but wanted to know what is was "about" in order to analyze the films effectively.if you can give a detailed summary or have a link to wesite that does, it would be much appreciated. thank you

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2000


It's a short story for god's sake. Read the damn thing yourself and cease being such a complete waste of others' intellectual effort. I rather imagine you've spent your entire life dangling from a figurative nipple. I mourn for your progeny.

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2002

I suggest reading the story. It's ridiculous to just read a short summary. Poe uses some of the best language and vocabulary in the history of literature; It shouldn't be passed over by a summary.

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2002

basically a detective who is very good at analysing realises that the murders are no ordinary murders and is able to go out of the normal way of thinking and realises, with clues, orangehair, wierd language and swinging in through the window that this being could not be human, it is an orang outan, which would have been a very sci fi figure back when the bokk was written.

Response to the other answers, stop being so damn potentious

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2004

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