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Daily News CyberCash Y2K Glitch By Joseph Giordono, Newsbytes. January 10, 2000

Visa [NASDAQ:VIIS] and Mastercard said today that a glitch in software from credit company CyberCash Inc. [NASDAQ:CYCH] could cause some accounts to be repeatedly charged for the same purchase.


Good credit gone bad?

-- Michael (, January 09, 2000


and from Raliegh Martin-


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Saturday January 8 1:13 AM ET

Y2K Glitch Hits Some Credit Cards

NEW YORK (AP) - Credit companies are warning consumers that their credit cards might get charged more than once because some merchants failed to update computer software for the year 2000.

Visa and Mastercard said Friday they have checks in place to catch duplicate charges, but suggested that customers review their credit card statements. They said the majority of transactions are going through without problems.

The culprit is IC Verify software from CyberCash, which makes electronic transaction processing software. About 100,000 merchants use the software, and the glitch affects all types of credit and debit cards. The company offered free fixes last year, but some merchants didn't get them.

As a result, merchants using the outdated software are charging customers over and over for the same purchase. For example, a customer's credit card gets charged $400 Monday for a new TV purchased that day. The card is again charged $400 on Tuesday, another $400 on Wednesday, and so on, until the software is fixed.

-- Michael (, January 09, 2000.


Glad I prepped.

It's all coming down, suckers!!!

-- (, January 09, 2000.

Frazzlwhixxlekputs here (fingers crossed)

L ink.

-- Michael (, January 09, 2000.

is this the same exact glitch we saw mentioned sat or fri? or is it a manifestation of the same type of thing in another company?

-- tt (, January 09, 2000.

Possibly cuddles, but I just saw it posted a bit ago, and shortly afterwards it came in from Raliegh. The date on the Newsbytes article is Jan 10, 2000 (huh?) so I guessed that it was new. Sorry if I missed it before, but it may be worth a mention anyway, for those like myself that had not seen it before.

BTW, just which song is the Fat Lady warming up for anyhoo? Hmmmmmm. Also, isn't that Muslem Ramaden thingy over today? Guess I better update my virus protection program, ya think?

-- Michael (, January 09, 2000.

Most transactions are OK. What, 51%?

-- james hyde (, January 09, 2000.

There was an earlier credit card glitch...but it was not Mastercard and Visa. It was a smaller company, like, but maybe not, Discovery. I would have noticed if it was Visa, earlier.

-- Mary (, January 09, 2000. - Year 2000 Compliance statement by cybercashLink - ICVerify 2000 Readiness pageLink - Mastercard response to the problem (DUCK!!)Link

-- Michael (, January 09, 2000.

If credit goes, the economy goes. You card junkies better hope that extra $50 billion the Fed is printing is gonna be enough.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), January 09, 2000.

If Hawk goes in his pants again, the economy goes. You Twinkie junkies better hope that extra 50 billion Pop Tarts Hostess is bkaing is gonna be enough.

-- Hick (bowlin@high.again), January 09, 2000.

Hee heeee hee hee hee, bank runs AND twinkie runs? Oh nooooo, I'm gonna die for sure!!!

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), January 09, 2000.

Just recieved notice from my First USA Visa, that it has been 30 days since they got a payment. They are wrong, I did pay. They want a call as soon as possible. I think I will sit and wait on this one...---...

-- Les (, January 09, 2000.


WRT to your reference to "that Muslem Ramaden thingy", it is precisely this kind of ignorance and disrespet towards Islam that breeds conflit and distrust.

I don't think you would appreciate Christmas being referred to as that "birtday party thingy". FYI, Ramedan is a month in the Islamic calendar where followers fast each day from dusk to dawn, and during which time hostilities are ceased. It is also the month during which the Prophet Mohammed recieved his first revelation from the Angel Gabriel and is therefore a very important month and time for Muslims (not Moselm, or Muslem). Even Klinton, respected the month even though he went with all guns blazing into Iraq last year, if you remember.

For those whose primary knowlege of Islam is from the western media here are a few facts to ponder over:

1) There are approxmiately 1B muslims world wide (estimates of 100m in Russia, 250-300m in China alone). The Mid East have about 10% of the total.

2) Muslims consider Christians and Jews "ahlel kitaab". "People of the Book". That is people who believe in one god, his unity, and his revelations (i.e. they are monotheistic religions). Muslims have no quarell with Jews and Christians as Muslims completely and fully believe in Moses and Jesus (and Noah and the angel Gabriel, etc. etc.) as messengers or angels from God like the Prophet Mohammed. They fully believe in Jesus' miraculous brith and Virgin Mary. (So as Christians we should actually be greatful that the Muslims doubled the number of people in the world that believe in the Virgin Mary and Jesus). Prior to the founding of Israel and events of this century, Jews have lived inside Muslim areas for centuries with no conflict.

3) Islam is Arabic for Peace. For all intents and purposes Muslims are normal peaceful people with families, just like you and me. There are a few who cause trouble and the media focus on them. As Andy posted do not confuse these political conflicts with Muslim's and Islam. Would we consider the IRA or arpathied South Africa representative of Christianity? Of course not. We understand that these are political issues. But the media insists on addressing political issues in the Mid East as "Muslim" issues or "Islamic" issues instead of policital issues and leaving the references to Muslims and Islam out. Would be angry if that was what was portrayed had the roles been reversed (i.e. Muslims are 1st world and Christians 3rd world)?

4) How would you feel if the UN just decided to give, say California to the Native populations of America and told all Californian's to just "leave"? That is the issue why Israel is at the center of the conflicts.

Until we in the West insist that 1B Muslims and the religion of Islam not be slandered by the press by associating policital issues with Islam and Muslims we will continue to be the brunt of their anger. And it serves us right as we aren't following the golden rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

-- Intersted Spectator (is@the_ring.side), January 09, 2000.

Replying to Interested Spectator - as part of my life-long spiritual study, I have read some (not all - I should get back to it) of the Koran, and it is a very beautiful spiritual treatise that would benefit anyone. What IS said reminds me of the atheists' argument against the existence of God because some people who claim to represent certain religions are whacko nutcases. It's better to read the original scripture and teachings to find out the real truths concerning religions, rather than rely on mass media or a few famous "representatives" who may be hypocrites or worse.

-- Pramada (, January 09, 2000.


I couldn't agree with you more about reading the source material, however I would be surprised if more than 1000 Christians in America would read the Koran, if they can even find it at their local bookstores.

WRT to your comment about my comment, I'm not sure I understand you: are you critisizing or complementing my post? (sorry but my mind is going numb at this point; it seems to that every once in a while and has done so a few times in this forum :))

BTW have you read Maurice Beaucalle's (I think I got the spelling right) book "The Koran, Bible and Science"?

I think this should be required reading of all Muslims and Christians.

-- Interested Spectator (is@the_ring.side), January 09, 2000.

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