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It's been more than a few years since I worked in large format photography, and now I'm anxious to get my fingers wet again while "shuffling some film". I liked the sharpness of Panatomic-X film in Microdol-x developer, but that film is no longer available. Has anyone tried the combination of T-MAX 100 film and Microdol-X developer? What exposure compensations should I use? Will I get images of fine grain and contrast? I know I need to experiment, but a little help in the beginning can save a lot of money. Thanks!

-- Dave Richhart (pritprat@erinet.com), January 09, 2000


TMax 100 is sharper than Panatomic was and doesn't need microdol to mush it up(personal opinion here). The film is capable of excellent results and works very well with ID11 or Xtol. If you try Microdol in place of these I doubt you could get negatives as good. TMax has very high sharpness & mushing it with Microdol would be counterproductive. Try ID11, TMax RS or Xtol for good results.

-- Dan Smith (shooter@brigham.net), January 09, 2000.


you are experiencing exactly what I have, and it has driven me crazy (crazier). I love TMax 100, and it is my favourite film. my trials during this last week, yielded great results with ID-11, HC-110, and Rodinal. the Xtol trials were marred by this behaviour you have shared. I thought it might have been an artifact of the part A caking I had experienced, or contamination. I was getting good results with fresh solution, and then finding my next trial totally inconsistent a few days later. I use fresh, Oregon mountain spring water, that has always tested remarkably pure. there is a possibility that it isn't as predictable as I might think, so I will take Dan's suggestion and go to a pure water source.

Tmax 100 is too good to give up on. Rodinal yielded more grain, ID-11 and HC110 worked well, but I want the environmental and mixing benefits of Xtol. I want it to work, for these reasons and the fact that I have a ton of Xtol packets on the shelf.

I use 4x5 in a Jobo Expert drum, with excellent temperature control. hand agitation is slightly erratic, as might be expected, but doubtful that this is the cause of my woes.

let's keep in touch. sounds like a solution is imminent.

-- Daniel Taylor (aviator@agalis.net), January 09, 2000.

there must have been a database error. this was posted in a different thread and does not belong here. software gremlins working overtime.

-- Daniel Taylor (aviator@agalis.net), January 09, 2000.

Daniel, have you done any comparisons of T-Max 100 or 400 using the T- Max developer?

-- Bruce Gavin (doc@compudox.com), June 02, 2000.

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