The Anti-Y2K-legislation Bill in July: you have 90 days to fix Y2K issues, and, why 90 days' self-sufficiency was and is a good idea. : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

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Industry said they needed 90 days to correct 2000 issues and I say I needed 90 day's self-sufficiency while they resolved those issues.

If the big guys needed that kind of legal insurance, so did I.

'Nuff said.

(Always wanted to say that)

-- lisa (lisa@work.on_HP_3000), January 08, 2000


Best point I've seen made yet on the subject.

-- Moore dinty Moore (, January 08, 2000.

That is a good point


-- davebullis (, January 08, 2000.

Good post.

-- james hyde (, January 08, 2000.

What! Back to the piggy grocery again! to reap up all the cases of food at end of aisles! I am WITH you!, Got fourteen stupids to try and prepare for! Thank Heaven for another few paychecks and running utilities! (see, spelled handle correctly, this time!).

-- Church Fan (, January 08, 2000.


-- Mara (, January 08, 2000.


When people ask me about my preps, I simply tell them that I only did what I saw govs and corps doing.

...which is pretty much what you said, but you said it better.

-- semper paratus (still_here_with@my.pals), January 09, 2000.

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