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We heard that this was reported in the Toronto Star on the eve of Dec 31 but have not seen the link or story yet. Any news on how we can find the story? We heard that security access pads failed and locked out the command center staff from their own Y2K command center. How amusing and ironic!!! They said the glitch would take two or three months to correct from what we heard. Being Canadians, we would like to have this amusing story for our files. thanks

-- Ron Sellar (, January 08, 2000


Where did you hear this? I too find it an intriguing story, but it's not much use without some sort of confirmation...

-- Charles Cameron (, January 08, 2000.

I remember reading that story, probably on TB2000, and it was probably Dec 31 or Jan 1. I was reading everything because I was sure that things would screw up, and was amazed that basically nothing happened. I distinctly remember the story - I'm sure that if you keep looking you'll find it. Maybe try the "sister board" that someone named Lisa set up. I'll try to link to it after I post this.

-- Pramada (, January 09, 2000.

Confirming Info: Go to, at the left under "Search the Star", click Back Issues, enter "Defence", click "Click to Search". Look for the title below. The Star's Search has a 40 hit limit, so it was critical to know the date Ron provided, or the Canadian spelling of Defence. Back issues apparently are removed after 30 days. If the below link ends up broken, you can try pasting it together without any blanks.

News Story: Defence department finds glitch but no panic in Canada - yet - December 31, 1999

... Y2K glitches have been uncovered at National Defence headquarters, home to the government's Year 2000 command centre.

Security access key pads at the defence department's office tower in downtown Ottawa cannot be used because they are not Y2K-compliant, defence department spokesperson Mike Whittaker acknowledged yesterday.

The glitch had been uncovered during recent routine checks, but was not made public at media briefings, Whittaker said.

The problem could create delays entering the defence headquarters or getting into high-security areas inside, such as the Y2K command centre.

Rather than entering a code into the access pad to open a door, everyone will have to be checked through individually by a commissionaire examining an ID pass.

Correcting the glitch will take two to three months, said Whittaker....

Comment: Considering the terrorism threats lately, I would consider this a serious issue for which there was a dependable workaround planned in advance, and wonder what else we aren't hearing about.

Tim McCully
Researching Y2K since 1997

-- Tim McCully (, January 09, 2000.

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