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Just heard female reporter on CNN who said that since utilities are 100% Y2K ready, "Clinton administration says those who bought generators might as well take them back."

Couldn't believe she said that!!! How irresponsible!

Of course she's talking about individuals only ... not businesses, hospitals and government agencies. It's OK for them to have generators just in case ... but stupid for anyone else. I am SO disgusted.

Government has done such a fine job of reassuring everyone that my aunt who is scheduled for MAJOR surgery ... rescheduled her surgery from December 21 to December 31 at Cleveland Clinic, so she could celebrate Christmas with the family!!! She's gonna spend New Year's Day in ICU, and the 1st 5-7 days of the new year at Cleveland Clinic being monitored. Then 11 weeks for recovery.

Isn't this just grand?

(No deaths reported, no equipment putting lives in danger) Just got back from a month in Ohio visiting my family. Got a kerosine heater and fuel for mom & dad. Mom wants it. Dad, who's usually mild mannered ... started yelling at me ... "Take that back!!! I'm tired of this. We're not gonna need it." [It's staying.]

Mom and I had to hide water and extra food. And, all we're talking about is enough for 2 weeks.

I'm angry at my government and how they're handling this. (The government did the right thingFamilies are being torn apart because of this.(it is probably worse now) Anger is being directed at those who are trying to help and protect their families. Something's wrong with this picture. (Sadly now we know what was wrong) I hope to God that things will be OK. Logically I don't believe that will be the case.

There WILL be problems. No one knows where and/or how extensive. And then we have that terrorist thing to think about.

I keep on thinking about a govt hearing a while back, where the guy from the Arizon Farm Bureau talked about a combine that was tested ... which shut down ... and took 3 months to get back up and running.

For those people who keep on questioning embedded systems - think about this Arizona Farm Bureau example ... (Where are all of the stalled combines?)and multiply that across the board. At least these people from AFB had the luxury of time and parts availability. I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Just had to vent.

-- Cheryl (, December 16, 1999

-- ***History*** (th@t.was.then), January 08, 2000


CNN = Clinton News Network = A Direst Ccnduit From the White House Spinmeisters.


-- Ray (, January 08, 2000.

All this emotion... it's just wasted energy. Calm down.

Preparedness is a GOOD thing, no matter how smoothly things seem to be going. There's just no down side to having two weeks' extra food in the house, or two months' for that matter.

Sh*t happens. Preparedness should be a way of life for everyone.

As for generators, we didn't get one because storing fuel can be VERY dangerous if you don't know exactly what you're doing. Firemen don't want to deal with a house that has gasoline stored somewhere. That's probably why authorities urge people to return generators. If you don't believe me, give the local firehouse a call.

Stick with wood as fuel (for stove or fireplace)& you'll be ok.

-- Oh, waiter (reality@check.please), January 08, 2000.

I ain't takin' back my propane turkey/fish fryer.

In fact, I'm frying fish and pups tomorrow with the family for the Dallas game.

-- lisa (, January 08, 2000.

I just made my first homemade biscuits. I have to use up all that flour and shortening. sure were good. glad I prepared. and I love to hear my chickens and goats calling for dinner. I am so much happier than before the preps.

-- terry (, January 08, 2000.

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