dvd stops playing vcd after 20 minutes

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When i create a vcd on my pc and i play it it works fine but when i try to play it on my dvd player (philips 710) to watch it on tv the film stops at about 20 minutes and goes to the first frame of the movie and after a minute or so it will give me a disc error. I only have this problem when i create my own vcd when i just copy a vcd with dis copier their is no problem it just plays the whole movie. When i watch the properties of the mpeg file i use with easy cd creator everything is fine only with the audio padding(???) is perhaps a problem but the program says it will play correct on a dvd player. Anyone a solution for this problem ?

-- Patrick (goosse@xs4all.nl), January 08, 2000


I have the same problem here, and also use a Philips DVD player. I have been unable to find out exactly what the problem was, but now I use a CDRW to test my VCDs before burning them to CDR. I suspect it is something in the encoding process, ie an error in the MPEG file. I have burned the same file to different types of CDR with the same error asppearing on both, so I think this eliminates the media itself as a source of the problem

This has been very frustrating for me. I hope you have better luck in finding the exact cause of this problem.

-- John Vickers (johnvick@ihug.co.nz), January 09, 2000.

Hi Guys

The stopping mid track plagued me for a few months also. I have a Philips 725 but it was not related to only that player, it occurred on other brands as well. A friend had the same thing occur with my vcd's on his PC. Initially I made 7 two track vcd's and one track on each had the stop mid track problem. Very frustrating!

I switched to using Nero as the burning program and the problem has not returned. I have had no problems with VideoPack 4 either.

Have you been able to play more than 2 video tracks on the CD's you home brew?

-- Ross McL (rmclennan@esc.net.au), January 09, 2000.

Can you explain how to create a vcd with nero ?? I've got the nero program but it do not understand how to create a vcd of a mpeg file with nero ?? thanks allready

-- Patrick (goosse@xs4all.nl), January 10, 2000.

Well I will try and help: we are supposed to help each other on this site??????

I assume your Burner is called up and that you have installed Nero correctly.

1) Nero will check your Scuzzy or edi bus system and you should find the name of your burner on the bottom right of the screen.

2) Select VideoCd from the available icons within the window that follows the initial run up.

3) select the tab VideoCD and ensure the vcd type 2.0 option is ticked.

4) select "New" and this should give your 3 active windows

5) the browser window allows you to find your previously prepared Mpeg-1 files that you encoded or captured as vcd compliant. Drag the file to the window bottom left which is headed by "Track & Title".

6) Nero at this point will check the file and if its ok almost immediately places it in the track list. If the file is not compliant, such as Panasonic encoder Mpeg-1 files then a window will open that says "checking". Then you will get another window that tells you what maybe wrong with the file, "2 Channel" sound is a common fault with Panasonic files. It will then ask do you want to continue, if you say yes the vcd will be non compliant but will still play on a computer and on a dvd player. Big deal about the non- compliance!

7) check that the time bar at the bottom contains the approximate length of the file in minutes and not one that over fills the CD - if that happens then you have a real problem with your file and I think Nero rejects the file - its a while since that has happened to me.

8) Drag other files into the track assembly window and when completed go to File drop down menu and select write CD. This produces a VCD window with a number of options concerning the burn, check each tag and make you own decisions, You can also name the vcd if you wish at this point. Make sure the time line keeps adjusting toward the 72/74 minute limitation of the normal CD burner that does not support over that level.

8) Select the "write" button at top left and the burn process will begin.

Hope I have not missed to much - goodluck with few coasters I hope!

With RW media ensure its "cleaned" (quick clean works OK) by selecting that option from the toolbar prior to your burn.


-- Ross McL (rmclennan@esc.net.au), January 11, 2000.

oops - write button is top right - sorry.

-- Ross McL (rmclennan@esc.net.au), January 11, 2000.

I have a similar problem:

I burned a vcd using Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum. I burn the VCD and everything works fine up to point when I try to play it ony my DVD player. I put in the VCD and it plays for 1 minute then it stops. It doesn't give me any sort of error messages. It's like the movie is only 1 min long instead of 60 min!!

I have a Sony DVP-NS400D DVD player. It says that it plays VCDs and I have played some commercial VCDs on it.

I have a PIII 600 640 MB RAM 40GB 7200 Hard Drive Matrox G400 Video Card plextor 12/10/32 cd burner.

Why doesn't the VCD work??????

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


-- Andrew (ender_at@hotmail.com), January 09, 2002.

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