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Barney does Porn! I almost died when I read this... :-)


"Oh Barney! Nude image in sing-along book prompts publisher apology" "SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts (AP) -- A sing-along book about Barney the purple dinosaur caused some red faces after someone found an illustration of a bare-breasted woman inside."

"Michelle Capdeville said her young sons spotted the illustration in "Barney's Sing-Along Songs," distributed by Avon and based on the children's show, "Barney and Friends," featuring the singing dinosaur."

"A few hundred defective books were distributed to Avon, the sole seller, said Renee Harring of Publications International Ltd., the book's publisher."

"Avon apologized to consumers Wednesday, and the company also has agreed to give refunds or replacement books, said Debbie Coffey of Avon."

"The problem happened during the book's printing in China, Harring said. The printer used scrap paper from a roll of leftover stock used to line an astrology romance guide."

"The picture depicts a woman draped in a scarf with one breast exposed as she strokes the head of a man who appears to be lying down. Although the writing on the image is in Norwegian, the words "aphrodisiac" and "exotic literature" are recognizable, Capdeville said."

"My boys came running into my room screaming, 'Oh, Mommy, look at this,"' she said. "I'm upset that it's in a child's book."

-- Deb M. (vmcclell@columbus.rr.com), January 08, 2000


Funny! What's even funnier is the fact that those kids who ran to mommy are probably the same ones who shoot the heads off bad guys in their cute little video games. I say....... What's worse, a tit, or a head exploding?

-- (I'm@pol.ly), January 08, 2000.

Where's the humor, you perverted moron ? Silver Eagle

-- Silver Eagle (SEagle@nest.com), January 08, 2000.

Oh, that's so funny (NOT)

On the other hand, the exploding head comment brought a grin. All's well that ends well.

-- Me (me@me.me), January 08, 2000.

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