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This is an update on the 22 counties in Arkansas that are experiencing Y2K problems. From tonight's 10 pm broadcast of Little Rock's KARK Channel 4 (local NBC affiliate, - website has same story from last night).

Chicot County computers have been shut down all week. Clerk said at this point they are a week behind, they are trying to be patient, but sometimes they get tired and angry.

Jefferson County showing 1900 date on everything printed out.

Jack McCowen of RMS, Inc. plans to work through the weekend to try to get all the systems up so they can run the payrolls next week.

-- Lisa (, January 07, 2000


When will you tinfoils GIVE IT A REST????

That is NOT a "Year 2000" problem!

It's a simple Year 1900 problem.

-- Ron Schwarz (, January 07, 2000.

Which makes me wonder what a _Star Wars_ calendar from 1900 would look like. Why I have these random thoughts, I don't know... ;-)

But more seriously -- so, this problem in Arkansas, which we'd heard about, that DOD thing with some checks going out with goofy dates, and maybe the Oregon deal today. My question -- are these in fact the only specific payroll or payroll-related glitches we've heard about surfacing today and/or this week, because I am surely missing others here. Again, given today's status as being a date to watch for when payroll was run, I am intrigued and encouraged to see such little mention of it in the news in general or in any reports here.

Promise I'll leave this subject alone after this post, or thread if you will. ;-)

-- Ned Raggett (, January 08, 2000.

lol ron : )


seems that at least some arkansas county services are working alright.......i went into faulkner county assessment office yesterday prior to going to get my car tags renewed

took me about 10 minutes to get from there to the DMV and they already had notification (by computer, i assume) that i had (just) paid my personal property taxes 10 minutes earlier!

i sure do appreciate doing all this kinda stuff in a small place like conway......i didn't have to "take a number" or wait in a line.......unlike a larger place like LR where it could have taken HOURS to accomplish these two tasks

sure hope they get the county payroll messes worked out in those 22 counties.........there aren't many people out there who can afford to not recieve their paychecks in a timely manner!

-- mebs (andrea@mebs.lurking), January 08, 2000.


To my knowledge, Faulkner wasn't on the list of 22 counties, neither was Little Rock's Pulaski County. I used to live in Pulaski, live in Faulkner now.

Since they streamlined the registration process with mail, the annual headache has improved considerably.

I've been watching local newspapers and tv for additional coverage on this, but haven't found anything. Have you heard anything outside of the Channel 4 newscast or this forum?

-- Lisa (, January 08, 2000.

no, lisa........i haven't heard of this payroll problem in 22 counties other than on the KARK web site.....and only there after your "heads up"

i tried to track down more coverage on the net......but haven't been able to find it mentioned anywhere but that site

i didn't know if our own faulkner county : ) was on the list of 22, since they didn't bother to even mention a list of counties affected at the KARK website.........sure hope they are being more upfront with the employees whose paychecks might be held up

what excellent coverage, KARK!!! (said tongue in cheek)

please post if you here any more about "happenings" in arkansas

-- mebs (andrea@mebs.lurking), January 08, 2000.

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