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of baby chinook salmon; at a hatchery near Rogue River Oregon! FIRST; the pump which pumps fresh water to the salmon smolts failed. THEN; the alarm which is supposed to notify hatchery personnel of pump failures also failed!!!Sounds pretty fishy to me!!!!TPTB are not stating what caused the failures but like all good doomers, I got a PRETTY GOOD idea!!!This effectively destroys the Rogue's fall chinook run for 2003. Since I fish for the big buggers, I can now say that I've been negatively impacted by a possibly Y2K glitch. My preps were not in vain!!!!!

-- Ralph Kramden (and@AwayWeWent.com), January 07, 2000



Do you have a link to somewhere?

-- eubie (eubie@oregonrivertoo.com), January 07, 2000.

Sorry bout yer luck Ralph. Ecologically, this too will have a ripple effect (not just the absence of fish, but Ralph will have to find something else to do in the Fall of '03 . Since they are farm bred...suppose nature will take its proper course (the fish that is).

-- Lisa (lisadawn@yahoo.com), January 07, 2000.

This story was in the Oregonian this morning.

-- bill bradley (billbradleyiww@hotmail.com), January 07, 2000.

Milne was right! If you live within five miles of a 7/11 you're toasted salmon!

-- Alfred E (What@MeWorry.com), January 07, 2000.

Alfred E.:

Apparently, you've got it all bass-ackwards...if you live within 5 miles of a 7-11 you're WITHOUT toasted salmon.

Nice handle, BTW. I think that guy had a big impact on me as a youngster...this may explain things to some forum regulars here.

-- (Kurt.Borzel@gems8.gov.bc.ca), January 07, 2000.

Gee Ralph, it'll be ok. Cheer up. I think the Rogue and the Klamath Mainstem fall Chinook might be in the same genetic population group. Maybe they can get extra eggs from Iron Gate Hatchery.

-- marsh (armstrng@sisqtel.net), January 07, 2000.

Well, this wouldn't be an issue for any of you if you were all vegetarians like myself (spoken in Ludi's usual arrogant and self- rightous tone).

Er...why are you all looking at me that way?

Um...I gotta go...

John Ludi, chewing on a Tofu burger.

-- Ludi (ludi@rollin.com), January 07, 2000.

Good catch! hahaha!!!

heres the link to that story in the Oregonian:

http://hotnews.oregonlive.com/cgi-free/getstory.cgi?o0426_AM_OR-- FishHatcheryLoss&OR&news&ornews

-- Carl Jenkins (Somewherepress@aol.com), January 07, 2000.

Another fish and chips problem.

-- Don (whytocay@hotmail.com), January 08, 2000.

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