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Brent, I asked you some questions in response to your post on New Zealand. Although you are obviously posting new items in the forum, you appear unwilling to answer. so here it is again, in a thread of its own.

Hey Brent, What part of NZ are you in? Down here in the South Island we aren't seeing many of these failures that you mention. I have already posted in different threads any failures found in the electricity industry, and so far I'm not aware of many others.

The y2K readiness commission has publicised 2 others which I read on Teletex, but they were so insignificant that I can't even remember what they were.

A friends 486 defaulted to 1980, but when he reset the date to 2000 it accepted it just fine. (he was already awatre that this would happen).

So come on Brent, list those failures and we can check up on them.

-- Malcolm Taylor (, January 07, 2000.

-- Malcolm Taylor (, January 07, 2000


Before we get too confident in believing nothing will go wrong, It's now , 3 days at work for New Zealand only very few minor failures have as far to my knowledge have occured, just some minor date rollerovers hitting a few retailers, haywire calculators at the bank, its a waiting game to see how long the good smooth road will last, overseas its getting a bit bumpy now. We have more than one date rollover into 2000, there's the rollover of certain months ahead as well. System residue failure is what I'm concerned about.

-- Brent Nichols (, January 07, 2000.

Bold off

-- Malcolm Taylor (, January 07, 2000.

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