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Internet Week: Nearly All Companies Escape Y2K Unharmed

Jan 06 2000: Three out of four IT professionals say their companies had no Y2K related problems, according to the results of a new survey from TechWeb. Of the companies that did have problems, 80 percent reported that only insignificant glitches were experienced. Four percent of respondents said that the Y2K changeover caused significant severe interruption to their company's business.

Fourteen percent of respondents said Y2K caused minor PC glitches, 6 percent experienced virus or database error problems, 3 percent suffered telecom or Internet service interruption and only 2 percent reported problems with hacking or unauthorised persons entering their systems.

Two-thirds of those surveyed said that Y2K was a positive experience for their company as it led to the upgrading and modernisation of many systems. Only four percent viewed it as a negative experience. Although 63 percent agreed that the Y2K problem was "mainly hype", 75 percent said that the money and time spent by their company on rectifying Y2K bugs was about right.

The relatively easy Y2K changeover should free up resources for companies to spend on Internet development and ecommerce projects. Many organisations had established a reserve Y2K fund but if no further major problems are experienced, these funds should become unnecessary and the money could well be spent on extra ecommerce initiatives.

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-- John Whitley (, January 07, 2000

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