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I had two small problems relating y2k this morning. 1)I put gas at the usual station ,they had put about two years agoi a system of charging to my company with a computer. Guess......IT was not working.I ask to the girl about it Y2K? She did not anserw.....Never mind we go back to manual This is the sort of problem for small businesses.

2) I had ,my cellular stolen yesterday so' I went to Suncom (ATT) to buy another one,guess what? They did not have system to activate ie: to save the informations to activate the telephone

Small glitches, very snall but with can make mountains

Alex the Italian

-- Alex the Italian (, January 07, 2000


salve alex, where you are, is there usual freight traffic? Are 'things' running as normal? there are rumours of shortages in certain areas in Italia.

Vale et bona fortuna.

pliney the younger

-- pliney the younger (pliney@old.bald.guy), January 07, 2000.

Thanks for the inside info in Italia.

-- spider (, January 07, 2000.

Remember that line from Aristotle: a small error at the outset of calculations can make for a nasty deviation at the conlusion. OWTTE

-- (, January 07, 2000.

SAorry Guys, Iam Italian but I forgot to mention That I am in puerto Rico,Here thinghs are runnoing ok apparently, I am going back to work monday so i will report on the state of the export bussiness( I am working in a company exporting to the mainland)

Apart from that here thinghs on Y2K were not spoken a lot,people wente teir ways as usuals before 12/31 adn they did not prepare anything

Saluti frpom P.rico

-- Alex the Italian (, January 07, 2000.

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