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Hi everyone

The other night I decided to use my kerosene lantern and some oil lamps instead of electricity while watching TV. The oil lamps were fine but the lantern put off quite a strong odour of kerosene when we lit it and for the whole time it was lit. As a result my husband and both got bad headaches.

My question is this. Since I also have a kerosene heater that I want to use to reduce electric bills and also use up my supply, is there any way to avoid the headache? I know there was a post about alcohol additives, but I can't find the exact post detailing the amounts to put in and whether the question of using an alcohol other than methyl was okay. Also, is methyl hydrate the same as methyl? Can anyone help? Thank you.

-- citygirl (, January 07, 2000


Hi citygirl- The additive is called Kero-Kleen. It is available in pine scented and unscented forms. Try a smaller Ace Hardware store, or the place where you bought your kero.

Did you soak your wicks in white vinegar and let them dry? Also, were the wicks trimmed properly? Also, you should keep a window cracked for ventilation.

MM :-)

-- Midnightmom (, January 07, 2000.

Citygirl, I am of the understanding that the red coloring in the kero can and does give many folks headaches. Be sure to get the clear stuff for use indoors, and return the dyed stuff if what you have stored is for lamps. Also if you are using the colored lamp oil, it can clog up the wick, which is a bad thing if you are using those expensive alladdin wicks.....

-- lynn (, January 07, 2000.

Ventilation is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! You need to have adequate fresh air always. I know some people who get nauseous when kerosene is burning. They get headaches and are quite unhappy such that they exit the area being heated by this substance. Your health is ALWAYS important, so please use common sense when in the presence of combustible fuels. But you already know that...

-- dinosaur (, January 07, 2000.

Hi all

Thank you for your suggestions. The kerosene is clear. I didn't soak the wicks in vinegar because I didn't know in time, and I did have the window cracked open right behind the lantern. I will try to get the kero clean stuff. I have not been able to find it yet which is why I wanted to know about the methyl hydrate. I'll keep trying though. Thanks a lot everyone.

-- citygirl (, January 08, 2000.

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