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what do you think? I need some help... should I stay anonymous because I'm scared ONE person would find me, or just go for it and be me again?

-- Trouble (, January 07, 2000


i think only you can answer this question. you don't want to come online with fear. what is more comfortable for you? to be yourself? and feel supersonic? (sorry), or to be yourself bu annonymous? you have to be comfortable with your situation. only you know the entire truth of it, and how it makes you feel. but best of luck towards whichever choice you make. love, erin

-- erin (, January 07, 2000.

If you're remaining anonymous just because you are afraid that one person may find you, then you have to ask yourself what difference it will make if he/she finds you now. Like you said, it has been a while now, so maybe situations aren't as sensitive as they once were. However, it's your complete honesty that attracts me to reading your journal. If anonymity is the only thing that is allowing you to be candidly honest then perhaps it should remain. I have to admit, however, I would love to know your true identity and perhaps see some pictures! :) -chris

-- Chris (, January 07, 2000.

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