Our Power company's Y2K faults

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Following is a copy of an email from our Y2K project manager listing all the confirmed y2K faults suffered by our company so far. I have edited out the name of the company, and any location identifiers.

Apart from the confirmed Y2K items we have had two other issues which may be Y2K faults, but as they were cured by powering down and repowering the PLCs we are not going to investigate any further.

Thank you to all of those members of staff who have taken a keen interest in finding out how things went over the Year 2000 rollover. I thought that it would be useful to provide a short "low down" on the minor issues that occurred.

In all SIX problems were logged in our tracking system.

Two of these issues related to the Trading System and both of these related to a data formatting issue. These issues were quickly fixed or circumvented.

Data transmitted from XXXX and used by XXXXXXXX was suspended soon after midnight, but a restart of the system at our end resumed transmissions.

An application for logging events (not widely used as of yet) at our Generations Facilities was determined as having an internal data storage problem (dates of 1899 and 1900 being stored). This is an internal problem and the application works and appears cosmetically correct to anyone using the system.

Perhaps one of the more potentially serious failures was the "speaking clock" service provided by XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Ltd. The date on this service rolled over from 31/12/1999 to 1/1/1999. This facility is used to synchronise a few key servers dotted around XXXXXX's network and is also used to ensure that the PCs that run the Revenue Metering System accurately record the date on data to a very high degree of accuracy. The processes to obtain the date/time from the speaking clock are fully automated. The problem with this service was identified during the one of the many Y2K checks undertaken during the early hours of 1/1/2000 and the automation was temporarily suspended. I am pleased to report that this problem appears to have now been fixed, although we are keeping a cautious eye on it.

Finally, there was a fax machine that managed (despite having been fully Y2K tested) to rollover to 1900. A manual reset of date cured this problem.

And (at the moment) that is the full story.

I am absolutely delighted with the lack of major Y2K problems occurring, both within XXXXXX and the electricity industry as a whole. I am sure there will be the opportunity to thank the bulk of people responsible for the success of our Y2K Project, but in the meantime THANKS TO EVERYONE involved.

Kind Regards


Y2K Project Manager

-- Malcolm Taylor (taylorm@es.co.nz), January 07, 2000



Thanks for the update, you are one of the shining lights in the Y2K debate.

-- Brian (imager@home.com), January 07, 2000.

Thanks, Malcolm!

-- Wilferd (WilferdW@aol.com), January 07, 2000.


Let me add my thanks also.


-- Jerry B (skeptic76@erols.com), January 07, 2000.

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