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I'd suggest *immediately* looking up his posting IP.

There's a good chance he used an anonymizing service. Well, most, if not all of them *do* maintain logs, in order to protect themselves from liability. That said, they may not *keep* the logs for any protracted period of time, so I'd urge you to start digging *now*.

I'd also suggest having that hole fixed before the rest of the assault pollies use it to destroy the system.

(As you can see by my reply to him, he's not quite as smart as he thinks he is, but the fact remains that any fool with a hammer can destroy a Rolex.)

-- Ron Schwarz (, January 06, 2000


Well done Ron!

That libellous drivel is no doubt the work of a coward. No proof, no references, no links, no substantiation of any sort, and no real email identification...

More troll trash.

-- (, January 06, 2000.

looking over at debunky.

found a fella who WANTS credit....

Or seems to want to crow....

MASTER PROGRAMMER, you will probably get blamed for what's going on at TB2000 right now!

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Posted by ( Nobody special on January 06, 2000 at 18:03:34:

You better get over there and check it out-there's a madman on the loose. Not too bright, but pretty persistent!

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He must be very, very bored nobody special 18:23:31 01/06/00 (1) That is about the level of the normal 'discussion'. THE MASTER PROGRAMMER 21:38:21 01/06/00 (0)

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-- hmmmmmm (, January 07, 2000.



-- Ron Schwarz (, January 07, 2000.

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