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I have received the following questionaire to answer, it is important for me and my career that I answer these questions properly, I need help. Please assist me. Thank you.

Nasr Khan

1. Will the bank accept corrected information from a reporting agency? The applicant 2. What constitues sufficient credit history, or a sufficient number of credit references on which to base a credit decision? 3. Does acceptable credit mean flawless credit? 4. What credit deficiencies would cause rejection if not adequately explained? 5. Describe general underwriting procedures when an applicant has no credit history. 6. How far in the past is derogatory information relevant for the following: - Delinquencies - Tax Liens - Bankruptcy - Collections - Judgements

7. Does it matter if an obligation with derogatory information has been paid? does it matter how the obligation has been paid?

8. Is derogatory information on medical items trated differently than other derogatory information?

9. How would you view derogatory information that is explained as "Unforeseen circumstance" or "beyond the applicants' control?

10. Under what circumstance would the bank lend to a customer with bankruptcy on his/her record?

11. What is considered "minor" derogatory information, for which an explanation would not be required?

12. How does the bank view accounts which are reported on the credit report that are not listed on the loan application?

13. What is considered an adequate length of employment?

14. How does the bank view income earned through a secondary source (part time or seasonal work)?

15. Are there kinds of changes in employment patterns that are regarded negatively?

16. Do employee verify income information reported by applicants?

17. How is stable income defined?

18. Do employee routinely ask for verifiable, non-stable sources of income?

19. Are applicants routinely asked if they expect their income to change in the future?

20. Does the bank use standard benchmarks for the housing debt or total debt ratio?

21. What is considered an excessive amount of obligations in relation to income?

22. Under what circumstances is a co-signer requested?

23. What is the bank's definition of a qualified co-signer?

24. Are applicants with weak qualification routinely told that a guarantor would increase their likelihood of approval?

25. Summarize the the bank's denial review process.

26. Does the bank produce a loan policy excetion report?

27. Is consideration given to compensatory or offsetting factors?

28. Will a good mortgage payment record offset other credit defects? What about the reverse?

29. Summarize underwriting standards for unsecured loans.

30. What is considered an excessive amount of unsecured debt?

31. Under what circumstances would the bank not require a written loan application?

32. Does the nank "gross up" nontaxable income, such as public assistance or retirement income, to determine qualifying income and debt ratios? if so, how?

33. Does the bank always order a credit report on an applicant? if not, when would a report not be ordered?

34. Who is responsible for preparing and reviewing consumer loan disclosures?

35 What is considered an adequate length of residency?

36. What level or type of assets is considered sufficient?

-- Nasr Khan (nasrkhan@hotmail.com), January 06, 2000

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