We must of done something right...

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"We will have succeeded if afterward they blame us for making to much fuss about this."

Old Finnish expression.

It seems to apply...otherwise the Pollies wouldnt be blaming us for making too much about this!

-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), January 06, 2000


Succeeded in what? Prophesiziing about something that didn't exist, doesn't exist and won't exist? Tell me, all you brainiacs, what stock should I invest in? If you are all so darn smart then that should be relatively easy.

What the heck do the Finns know anyway. Besides cellular phones, that is.

-- lance taylor commodore (ltcomm@rts.com), January 06, 2000.

"A day without ticking off a Polly or two is like a day without administering a High Colonic." -- Dr. Kildare (or Anita Bryant, I always get those two confused)

-- (Weep For@The.Squirrel.King), January 06, 2000.

what about

"zap a zip a day"

-- Alonzo Putz (faker@whocares.com), January 06, 2000.

Finns like to tango, oddly enough. But they do it without smiling.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), January 06, 2000.

Lance -

You confirm my conclusion.

-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), January 06, 2000.


prophesiziing? -cute!

You know your ignorance really DOES emphasize Mad Monks' conclusion...I know a Finnish family: -the father was a missionary who snuck bibles into Poland. -the mother is a high-school teacher. -the first son did a tour in the Finnish Army and is now a professional conductor. -the second son is in second year of medical school. -the youngest (daughter) is attending Christ for the Nations Bible School.

They are super people and their name is Kostamo.

You're a fool.

-- (Kurt.Borzel@gems8.gov.bc.ca), January 06, 2000.

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