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I used xing plugin for premiere 5 to create NTSC video cd mpe files. Winoncd3.6 wouldn't read .mpe files so I renamed them to .mpg Burnt the VCD. (vcd 2.0 format)

Windows media player won't play the .dat files (says something about filters) and our Sony DVP-s330 says no disc in tray.

anyone have any hints?

-- Hartwell (hartwell@sade.com), January 06, 2000


I suspect the problem is the original .mpe format. I use Premiere as well and export my finished product into a VCD compliant .avi file. Then I use a MPEG encoding software. This takes a little longer, but it works.

-- Robert(Slide)Snider (rsnider1@san.rr.com), January 08, 2000.


-- ersin cakýt (ers@usa.net), December 03, 2000.

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