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Russian-American Y2K missile vigil continuing in US

Story Filed: Thursday, January 06, 2000 7:33 AM EST

MOSCOW, January 6 (Itar-Tass) - Predictions by Western analysts of possible rollover computer glitches in Russian armed forces have not come true.

Russian-American crews are continuing their joint watch for Y2K-induced inadvertent missile launches.

The joint vigil at the Peterson air force base, US, Califronia, will continue until January 15, Vladimir Zavaliy, chief of the Russian Defense Ministry's research center, told Itar-Tass on Thursday.

He said specialists of Russian strategic missile troops and the American military are monitoring missile launches with a focus on indavertent blast-offs of ballistic missiles, controlling the performance of computer systems and analysing the situation.

"Information is provided to the Russian experts by the American side, and it is quite enough for assessment of the current situation and preparation of proposals for making relevant decisions," Zavaliy said.

He said "in the new year, computers of military agencies are working steadily, without any glitches".

"Any dangerous situations have not arisen during the swticth of our computer systems to the year 2000," Zavaliy said.

He said "computer problems of the year 2000 are not worrying military agencies - they have been long since resolved, and periodically conducted functional control and analysis of work of computers are confirming correctness of finalised programmes and high effectiveness of implemented decisions," Zavaliy said.

-- Homer Beanfang (, January 06, 2000


One-sided street, info going from American --- > Russians, but what about them reciprocating?

-- unilateral (we're@the.good.guys.again), January 06, 2000.

They are.

-- Maria (, January 06, 2000.

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