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I have a Dazzle internet edition and start capturing video from a VCR. I set the capture to video cd so that it will give a video cd compliant. I started capturing the video and succesfully got the MPEG file. My problem is that when I started to make a video cd using nero and gave me this statement;

"The file 'D:\Dzl7112.mpg' is invalid, need MPEG-1 which was encoded for Video-CD: audio: 44.1kHz; stereo;224kBit/s video: 352x240/29/97Hz or 352x240/23.976Hz or 352x288/25Hz

Analysis of the file found - stream encoding which is invalid for a Video-CD - video: 29.97 frames/second, 352x240 pixels -audio: 44100 Hz, 2 channels

You are creating a Video CD V2.0 (CDI player) compliant CD, but he MPEG file is not suitable for such a disc. Continue by turning off V2.0 conformance?"

I say yes on this and started burning the cdRW. After it finish making the Video cd. I checked it if it would play in XING Player (AVseq01.dat) but it doesn't play. I also try to run it in a video cd player(panasonic) and dvd player(sony dvp-cx850d) but it also didn't run. Please help.



-- Nelson Ricamata (, January 06, 2000



Welcome to the "2 channel" sound club, its nice when someone else has the same problem, particularly when its from a different source, particularly one which captures direct to the "correct format". So you are not on your own and I suspect there are a lot of others out there as well and not saying because their vcd's still play.

A lot has been written about this on this site and one wonders who is right in determining what is compliant.

I am lucky it seems that I have had no problems actually playing my non compliant vcd's created using Nero or VideoPack 4 with my Philips 725 set top or on the computer. I had a lot of problems before I went to burning with Nero which went away imediately I did so.

I suspect also that maybe there is something else wrong with your file. The other burner programs like Adaptec, winoncd or videopack 4 all do some sort of check or do they? You could change the burner program and see what happens, their plenty of freebees on the web - you now need to do some experimenting to see if you can track the reason.

Try an experiment: get a copy of Panasonics stand alone encoder from the PowerKiller site:

Run the mpeg-1 file you cannot play as the source and create a new file, then burn it using Nero (it will again give the same answer in 2 channel sound as Panasonic does that to every file) and see if the file is playable. Panasonic will also accept the .dat file from the vcd you have burnt as well. You do not have to render the whole file just take the first 1000 or so frames for testing and burn to a RW so you do not waste cd-r's for testing.


-- Ross McL (, January 06, 2000.


Thanks for the immediate response and thank you for supplying on where can I get the Panasonic encoder.

Actually I tried doing something like getting a *.dat file from an original vcd disk and convert it to mpeg file using the dat to mpeg encoder. Then after converting it to mpeg, I tried to burn it into video cd. Once I put the file it gave me no statement of non-compliant. The results gave me the same I can't play the dat file that has been created using Xing Player and had no luck playing it on a player. I'm using nero and also tried it with NTI CD Maker PRO with same result.

Can you recommend what software should I use to burn CD that will give me a result that would play it on Xing Player.

Again thanks,


-- Nelson Ricamata (, January 07, 2000.

I've made several VCD turning off the 2.0 conformance in Nero. They play fine on my Pioneer 717 and other DVD players and I can see them on my PC. I know that only a few DVD player can read burned CD BTW I don't believe in Nero testing; I've found that EasyCD 4.0 by Adaptec has a diagnostic better by far . With EZCD 4.0 I've also discovered why all my cut and paste with VCD Cutter and WebFlix doesn't work; my mother never told me 'bout the stream clock...1600 instead of 1200. Nero it's useful mainly because you can burn also really non conformant VCD 2.0 stream (e.g. 1600 rate streams). But you get no menu and a poor dignostic. Good luck Brambus

-- Brambus (, January 07, 2000.

Hi, Iam using a snazzi dvc, and save videos to mpeg for vcd just like you.I find no problems burning the cd with winoncd 3.7 from cequadrat.It can playback on the two vcd players in my home(pioneer,unbranded).My system is a celeron 450mhz with abit bh6mb,samsung 40x cdrom,hp8200i cd-rw,parallel port dvc and 128mb ram. I save my files direct to the dazzle software vcd mode and burn with winoncd to save time.

-- Derrick Chong (, February 24, 2000.

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