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Five Reasons to Stay Prepared

With Y2K now declared a minor event, you've probably found yourself the owner of supplies you (thankfully) didn't need to live on. Should you eat them, sell them, or keep them?

Emergency preparedness is always a wise idea, no matter what the circumstances. Here are five reasons why you should consider maintaining your preparedness supplies:

REASON #1: NATURAL DISASTERS Natural disasters are a regular part of the planetary cycle. They will occur whether we want them to or not. This includes earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and the like.

In fact, thanks to the extent to which humanity is altering the planet's natural balance, we're likely to see MORE bizarre weather and storms in the years ahead.

Being prepared for natural disasters is a wise move, especially if you live in (or near) an earthquake or volcano zone. For example, the people of Seattle know that sometime in the next few hundred years, Mount Ranier is going to blow its top. That's a definite, known event that is unstoppable. It's good to have contingency plans.

Even in the Midwest, people live on top of the New Madrid fault line -- a fault likely to produce a quake even larger than the ones in California. Being prepared for that quake -- or any other -- is always a good idea.

REASON #2: NATURAL DISASTERS ARE NOT PRE-ANNOUNCED Unlike Y2K, natural disasters have no fixed timeline. We have no idea when they're going to strike. That means to be prepared, you must be prepared all the time. It's impossible to stock up the year before a major earthquake, because you have no idea when that year begins!

In fact, the unpredictability of natural disasters is one of the things that makes them dangerous. They strike with a warning of seconds, not months. So being prepared every single day is the only way you'll be prepared when natural disasters strike.

REASON #3: WHEN YOU NEED SUPPLIES, THEY MAY BE DIFFICULT TO GET The hours and days following a natural disaster are a poor time to try to acquire supplies. Everyone is in the same boat, waiting on the emergency relief people to arrive and distribute water and food.

In the hours following every major earthquake, basic necessities have been very, very valuable. Recall the most recent Bay Area quake, in which people were selling 2-gallon jugs of water for ten dollars. And people were willing to pay that!

When you hold on to the supplies you have right now -- including the water -- you will never find yourself in that position. No matter what events unfold, you will always have the items you need to survive and prosper.

REASON #4: YOU'RE COVERED FOR THE NEXT DECADE If you purchased long-term storable foods, many of your items have a ten-year shelf life (or longer). That means you can literally leave them on the shelf for a decade, knowing that you're covered all the way through 2010.

Of course, the best way to work through your supplies is to rotate them. That is: eat the oldest food first, replacing it with newer food. The saying goes: "Eat what you store and store what you eat."

Using this system, you will always have a supply of food with an additional ten-year shelf life.

REASON #5: YOU'LL SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT Have you been sleeping better at night lately? Reports from many Y2K Newswire readers indicate they're feeling pretty darn good lately. With the Y2K problem gone, and a good supply of emergency preparedness items socked away, they're sleeping really well at night.

You will, too, when you keep at least a small part of your emergency preparedness supplies safely stored away. If something like Y2K comes along down the road, you don't have to do a thing: you're already covered. Let the rest of the people worry about stocking up at the last minute, not you!

In fact, with this Y2K outcome we've seen, the entire Y2K Newswire staff is sleeping better at night, too. For one thing, the Internet is functioning well, which means we can keep in touch with you, our members. For another thing, the economy is not threatened by all this: that means people will keep their jobs, their incomes, and their savings. (The only threat down the road here is the stock market, but that's another article...) And finally, we all have the FREEDOM that we feared might have been taken away by federal authorities reacting to Y2K disruptions.

Today, we find ourselves safe, free, employed and prosperous. That's the best outcome we could possibly imagine!

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-- needmo cashnow (, January 06, 2000

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