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Has weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing exercise or physical therapy been proven to postpone the need for hip replacement in non-AV patients (degenerative joint disease only)?

-- Lenah Schrader (, January 05, 2000


How can anything be proved? I have been a sufferer from osteoarthris of the hip for at least five years. For the last three I have undertaken stretching exercises about twice a week. My arthritis pain returns occasionally but certainly is no worse than it was three years ago. But who knows what will occur inthe future? I certainly want to avoid the operation if I can.

-- D.E.Bowns (, July 08, 2000.

I have been driving a toyota. Driving triggers hip pain but today a new doctor told me to build up and tilt down the car seat. Well, my head now hits the roof, but the pain is subsiding. I was able to drive 25 miles straight.

-- sjcanepari (, October 17, 2002.

I did extensive water execises and weights over a two year period which prepared me very well for a hip resurfacing operation which has been great. I did put off the operation for some time but I am very pleased with the results today

-- ernie mccullough (, February 28, 2003.

The articular cartilage on the joints' surfaces gets its nutrients from the fluid within the joint by compressing and releasing as the joint moves. Therefore in the early stages of OA (osteo-arthritis) it may be possible to improve the nutrition to the cartilage by exercise, both non-weightbearing and weightbearing, though obviously if the joint is particularly worn it is unlikely to become less so. Walking is good exercise, but high impact eg running and jumping should be avoided. Exercise is also beneficial in maintaining and improving muscle tone, which supports the hip joint, and in maintaining/improving painfree ranges of movement, thus relieving stiffness. If you are considering joint replacement, the better the muscle condition, and more flexible soft tissues, the quicker and easier will be your rehabilitation. Hope this is helpful.

-- Rosemary Wightman (, January 09, 2004.

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