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Dow Jones Industrial Average is UP 85.30 as of 11:51 am (1/5/2000).

Does this mean that the "end" is NOT here? Of course not. No more than a few days of reductions in the NASDAQ and other markets indicate that the "end" IS here.....

Can we talk about something OTHER than the non-existent "bursting bubble" predictions that you Y2Krackpots have latched onto in a futile and rediculous last ditch effort to *PROVE* that you were right about something -- anything -- even the smallest thing???

Let's discuss the facts that despite the horrible, bleak and disasterous claims of your fearless leaders (fearless? -- fearless??? hmmm -- where exactly ARE your leaders now, anyway?) the lights are still on, the 'timebomb' was a figment of the imagination of a greedy opportunist, and a selfish and evil reconstructionist led you all down the primrose path towards the land of deceit and destructive thinking.

It's over -- you were wrong -- you were ALL wrong -- accept it.

-- Thomas Redder (, January 05, 2000


I agree 100%. Anyone want to shag?

-- frank beamer (, January 05, 2000.

The NASDAQ is rallying in late-morning trade. What are the Y2Krackpots gonna say at the end of trading today when it is only slightly down or even UP???? Probably that it was a Gov't conspiracy to artificially inflate the prices or even erroneously report the numbers.......


-- Thomas Redder (, January 05, 2000.

Yeah, I was wondering about that. If the market declines yesterday were "in the know insider large investors" who knew the straight dope that business was collapsing from Y2K, hidden from the masses, why are they only selling in the NASDAQ today and not the NYSE?

Guess the Gubbmint conspiracy is artificially propping up the Dow. But why would the Gubbmint conspiracy only artificially propping up the Dow and not NASDAQ?

Maybe they're SO clever that they'll only prop up a market on alternate days, to fool the pollies :-)

-- John H Krempasky (, January 05, 2000.

Hey Thomas.... if you insist on using it in every thread, would you at least learn how to spell "ridiculous please?

-- _ (_@_._), January 05, 2000.

Who are all these people posting on this thread? There weren't on this forum last month.

-- (long@time.regular), January 05, 2000.

This is the most overvalued market ever witnessed on the face of this planet. The problem with bubbles is they keep getting bigger. Until they don't. Then they pop.

Today is a very important day. We'll see. If it holds or reverses, there may yet be another leg up or at least a 'lull'. I don't think it will. I think that by Monday fear will be gaining. We'll see.

-- Me (, January 05, 2000.

Thomas Redder,

It's over -- I was wrong -- I was ALL wrong - I accept it.

Since you said must therefore be true. I'm glad somebody said it. I was thinking there for a minute that I couldn't get on with my life. Thomas, you've done such a great favor to me and all mankind. How can I ever repay you.

-- TM (, January 05, 2000.

Sorry -- have misspelled 'ridiculous' that way for as long as I can remember. Old habits die hard.

(See, this is what it's like when someone recognizes that they are WRONG and admits it! Take the hint and try to get something out of this lesson.)

-- Thomas Redder (, January 05, 2000.

I don't normally respond to such flamebait posts but I gott throw in my pair of pieces of reddish-colored fiat coinage...

Mr. Redder, you are right in that a lot of predictions are now coming to light as being wrong, in some cases totally, competely, how did you come up with this crap kind of wrong.

But there's a good reason for this.

Mopre money was spect trying to make SURE those dire predictions were wrong that was spent on the entire second World War. The collective "we" of the segment of humanity that could get the job done spent years per person in a lot of cases busting their asses to make sure that nothing bad happens.

So far all that money and manpower has held up and so far we're in very good shape. But that doesn't mean that the NEXT manmade calamity will be so easily averted, and believe it or not Y2K could be one of the simplest potential disasters we've faced so far.

I've learned a lot about how the world really works and how to protect me and mine from anything that comes down the pipe thanks to Y2K. While I've already experienced the ultimate in destruction (Andrew) this new experience set adds to that one to make me infinitely more hardened against massiv problems, regardless of their scope and cause.

So, that "evil reconstructionist" that you say led us all "down the primrose path towards the land of deceit and destructive thinking" didn't do quite what you expected. The folks that turned the spotlight onto Y2K helped create a batch of people that are more aware of their surroundings and how fragile the systems we depend on for our lives now really are.

If this is the worst aspect of being wrong, thank God the doomers were wrong...

O d d O n e

-- OddOne (, January 05, 2000.

Thomas did your therapist tell you to keep repeating this or something?

Are you really soooo afraid that the people on this forum have the resources to even collectively affect this market?

You,too are beginning to fit the profile of someone who bought ,hook line and sinker, that everything was going to happen on Jan.1. Thus you OVERPREPARED, maybe exited the market, maybe even moved. Now you are MAD and looking for someone to take it out on. The person who MADE you do this.You are very angry at this person for leading you down this road.

Take a look in the mirror MORON.

-- Swampthing (in@the.swamp), January 05, 2000.


Thank you Timothy for accepting that you were wrong. At least someone here has the balls to see themselves..... (what? he was just being facetious? oh... OK.)



I feel sorry for you and your family and everyone else you have duped into believing your lies and deceptions. Maybe someday when you have grown up enough to understand what being an "Adult" means, you will accept it when you are wrong and not be a complete buffoon.

Enjoy that Champaign-Urbana area weather -- hear it's gonna be a nippy day there with a -6 windchill. By the way, your choice of ISP's really fits in with the fact that you fell for all this Y2Krackpot baloney. Anyone who would believe the sales pitch put out by the same people who own "United CD-ROM" and "American Software and Hardware" deserves to have wasted so much time and effort on the "Millenium Timebomb". Happy trails!

-- Thomas Redder (, January 05, 2000.

Thomas -

Whether they call it a "bursting bubble" or a "significant correction", analysts (many from big names like Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch) have come out of the woodwork this week calling for a 10-15% drop for the market as a whole and a 25-30% drop for techs in particular. Not TEOTWAWKI (and won't we all be glad to retire that term?), but certainly one heck of a bite out of the ol' pocketbook for many investors.

One wonders where these guys and gals were last month. It's not like the markets just all of a sudden changed fundamentally in the past four weeks. Overbought is overbought...

Hey, how 'bout QCOM, eh? That target of 1000 (equiv. to 250 after the 4-for-1 split) looks a lot farther away at 150, don't it? Pity the poor schnooks who jumped in at 200. Nothing like a 25% drop to really get the juices flowing...

I've heard quite often that the first week of January is a pretty good indicator for the year, and that January as a whole is even more accurate. Three more trading days in the week for our first checkpoint. I'm looking forward to getting back in when the oscillations stop...

-- DeeEmBee (, January 05, 2000.

Can someone please explain to me why the pollies persist in posting such stuff to this board? I can't figure it out for the wee life o' meself! I mean, it seems as if they are so afraid of the big bad wolf coming to blow their house (of cards) down, that they want to attack all us little pigs who are busy trying to build ours out of bricks!!!

Wouldn't you think, if they are so scared of the big bad wolf, as we are, that they would get busy building there own instead of ridiculing us, just because we haven't actually seen any fangs yet? I mean, there's enough spoor around to justify repointing the mortar!!!!

just a piggy little housem

-- housemouse (, January 05, 2000.

The only reason it isn't in the negative right now is because all the little "day-raiders" are out there snatching up little crumbs because they were told on their trading account FAQ sheet to "buy in low and sell high" ---- .....hahahahahah, and they think what it is today is LOW!!! hahahaha. Self-taught, greedy, wanna' be day-raiders.

-- U (U@U.U), January 05, 2000.

Swampthing--- I was just thinking the same thing funny how these posters weren't here prerollover or maybe they were and were just using another name then.

Now they are pissed off and want to take it out on someone.

Well at least they aren't taking it out on their wives or families- let's hope.

-- seen (I know@what I'll .say), January 05, 2000.


Nope. You're completely wrong. My three partners and I own a consulting business that *refused* fees for Y2K compliance testing. (We did the tests if the clients asked, but never charged a penny.) By and large we encouraged our clients to look at the resources and information available and make their own decisions.... mostly they did little or nothing.

I have a significant position in the stock markets, and have been strengthening that position 'on the dip' over yesterday and today. By this time next week I'll very slowly be selling those new purchases off for profit and by two weeks from today will be at my original stock market position but will have several thousand extra dollars in my personal bank account. Thank God the market goes up AND down or I couldn't make money from the suckers.

You and I both know what the intent of the "Reconstructionist" was: build a New World. The more panic and discontent -- the more bank runs -- the more instability in the markets -- the better. Personally I highly suspect that this Loon intended to position himself as the new Messiah... (after all, HE was a prophet in all this, right?)

Mr. "TimeBomb2000" had the single-minded intent to make money.... which he has IN SPADES. And not a single penny from me.

You're incontrovertibly wrong again -- on top of being totally 180 degrees wrong on the entire Y2K issue, you're wrong about me. Try again.

-- Thomas Redder (, January 05, 2000.

HHHhhhmmmmm, Your Nasdaq rally??? seems to have lost some steam. So what might be going on. Could be money flowing out of the dot.coms and into some of the dow.jones. How broad is the dow bounce (dead cat?). The money I made on the upside had some down drafts.

Stocks tend to fluctuate.

Thomas keep cheering every 1/2 percent up following every 1-1/2 percent down. By the way have you paid your margin call yet?

-- Squid (, January 05, 2000.


Since you know everything about everything, why don't you go a little bit further and come out to my house in Mahomet. We'll TALK! I've got a lovely wife and 4 wonderful kids (but I suppose you know everything about all of us you might get kind of bored). I always thought my ISP was pretty good...can't beat the price. And it is kind of chilly here...your so smart. How Do you do it?

It's so nice to know that someone cares enough about idiots like me to go so far as you have to impress me with your ability to work a search engine...don't you have better things to do?

-- TM (, January 05, 2000.

your(YOU'RE) ability to work a search engine.

Well, it's obvious I didn't learn anything by reading the "Grammar and Usage" thread earlier. Time to go back to 8th grade.

-- TM (, January 05, 2000.

"your so smart." Incorrect! should be....YOU ARE so smart.

"your(YOU'RE) ability to work a search engine." Incorrect correction.

It's been a long day. I guess it's back to 6th grade. Thomas, you win.

-- TM (, January 05, 2000.

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