8 banks, 1 small lender have Y2K computer snags: FSA -TOKYO

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20000105 Wednesday

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8 banks, 1 small lender have Y2K computer snags: FSA Source: Kyodo News Service/Associated Press

TOKYO, Jan. 5 (Kyodo) -- Eight banks and a small financial institution experienced minor computer troubles Wednesday induced by the Y2K computer bug, the Financial Supervisory Agency (FSA) said. The problems turned out to be so minuscule that they have not had any serious impact on those financial institutions' transactions with customers, the agency said.

All the institutions concerned will be able to fix their computer systems by the end of the day, the FSA said.

The problems included one in which a customer could not verify records of remittances and withdrawals from his deposit account when he tried to check the records through his personal computer.

But the financial institution found that the records of remittances and withdrawals themselves had been accurately entered, the agency added.

The Y2K bug had been feared capable of triggering a major computer- system breakdown with bug-infected computers unable to distinguish the year 1900 from 2000 in their programmed commands to recognize years by the last two digits.

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