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Hi all, does anyone out there has this capture card? I would like some feedback about it. Also, if it handles audio/video synchronism correctly. Thanx in advance!

-- Matias (, January 05, 2000


Hi Matias

As you know I own a miro DC20 (4+ years) and have used/experience with the DC30 as well. Not experienced sync problems provided the sound was interlaced every frame in the output options from premiere.

If your using analogue, by far the best capture program is the Swiss AV_IO that costs $25US. That program actually locks the sound at capture more effectively than any of the other analogue capture systems. I once did a test using a 72 minute capture from the TV which ended with a news reader and it was totally lip sync all the way and at the end. The AV_IO program gets around the 2G or 4G limit and can capture effectively any length of vision. Beware however, that the early miro boards have a limit of about 72 minutes of continuous video capture which they have just now overcome with an updated driver for the DC30.

-- Ross McL (, January 06, 2000.


What's the homepage of AV_IO?



-- Miguel (, January 10, 2000.

It does not as yet support Firewire type 1 avi's

-- Ross McL (, January 10, 2000.

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