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Since the first, hundreds of pollies have crawled out of the woodwork, cluttering up the forum.

Granted we have not seen major failures. But, remember, we did not hear about Euro problems until months after the fact. And many other failures in the U.S. We have a few weeks to a month to see what happens in the pipeline. And I'm not going to admit "defeat" until at least June.

As another poster said (paraphrased) in reference to it ain't over until the fat lady sings: "The fat lady hasn't even yet begun to sing."

Delete all those puds' posts.

-- A (, January 05, 2000


That includes all the jerk-offs discussing returning/donating their prep supplies.

-- A (, January 05, 2000.

See Infomagic thread

-- A (, January 05, 2000.


Let um sing. Crow tastes like chicken. It's not about right or wrong, and I think you know it.

-- R. Wright (, January 05, 2000.

Fuck no! Don't delete it. It's music to my ears.

-- number six (!@!.com), January 05, 2000.


# 3

Why would we? Just because we don't agree???

Get real!!


-- Chuck, a night driver (, January 05, 2000.

Disagreement has NEVER been a functional criteria for deletion.

Some may not believe this but it has been MY guide.

# 3

-- Chuck, a night driver (, January 05, 2000.

One of the tactics of my late brother was to be the antagonist in a debate. Can't gather much info if everyone agrees on the point. Gets to be like the national media.

If they offer counter points to your point makes you think.

-- Mark Hillyard (, January 05, 2000.

Let 'em crow, they look pretty smart so far. And of course nobody from here would be crowing over at Debunky if we would have had serious problems, now would they? Nah.

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 05, 2000.

This is all kindergarten game playing...petty and ridiculous. If the board didn't provide such anonymity most of this pollyandering would be nonexistent. How is it that they have the interest yet in posting ? I clearly do not understand the mindset. Just like I don't understand the kid who's always *in your face* when it is obvious that he is making taking an intrusive position. Maybe I am missing something.......but it all seems so infantile to me.

-- Kenin Marble (, January 05, 2000.

As much as I really dislike their posts, I say keep them. They'll be handy to shove down their f*#@ing throats when the banks and markets have tanked and the JIT supply train is laying in the weeds on its side. And somehow I'm getting the feeling it won't have to be a "wait until March" kinda thing, either.


-- Wildweasel (, January 05, 2000.

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