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Tuesday January 4

High-Tech Professions Call Y2K 'Hype' - Survey

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Y2K has come and gone and the propeller-heads have spoken: It was mainly hype.

Sixty-three percent of information technology professionals and consumers said that ``Y2K-related computer problems were mainly hype,'' according to a survey of 1,750 technology workers by the online division of CMP Media, a publisher of trade publications for the high-tech industry.

But even so, the survey found that nearly 25 percent said their organizations suffered some problems related to the date change to Jan. 1, 2000 since New Year's Eve. Of those problems, 14 percent were computer glitches and 16 percent caused a brief interruption in service, the survey found.

Of the respondents, 22 percent said they have more Y2K work ahead, and 69 percent expected the fixes to be made within 30 days.

CMP Media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of United News & Media Plc (NasdaqNM:UNEWY - news).


-- John Whitley (, January 05, 2000


"25 percent said their organizations suffered some problems"

I though we were 99% done?

Our lab machines are back to 1980, by the way. I hope that's as bad as it gets.

-- Servant (, January 05, 2000.

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