October long distance billing

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I just received a billing from my Telco Co.on Monday. The invoice date was 11/1/99, for the month of October. With the invoice was a stuffer explaining their new invoice format and the changes made to it. The envelope was postmarked 12/28/99.

Maybe I am the only customer to experience this problem. Maybe this problem was only restricted to certain accounts. Or maybe the Co. has lost 3 months of CASH FLOW.

-- c (doormouses@yskeepyour.head), January 05, 2000


I havent' received long distance bill from telco since Nov. called said they installed new billing system and it was still being set up all calls would be included in new bill. Dec. Never got bill called same story. Haven't gotten bill in Jan. Hey free long distance I'm not calling again.

-- i am me (iammmerane@aol.com), January 05, 2000.

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