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I already have several bean cookbooks, but this one is different. It's called, "Country Beans", by Rita Bingham. What is different is that it includes dozens of scrumptious recipes using ground beans! (Sometimes beans, when they get old, don't cook up as well. They can still be ground and made into delicious soups, gravies, desserts, etc.) For even an old time cook, like myself, it has many recipes that sound worthwhile!

I bought it from my Ready Made Resources catalog...their web address is: Http:/ Phone is 1-800-627-3809 The book is a paperback ; cost $13.55 You might be able to order it from a local book dealer.

-- Jo Ann (, January 04, 2000


The Japanese, grind their beans, add sugar to them and turn them into tasty desserts! They wrap mochi around them (made from rice flour), very delicious.

Adzuki beans are used as well as many red beans and some black as well. Experiment and try it. You may create your own taste sensation!

-- Ynott (, January 05, 2000.

beans make really good "spreads" when smooshed in a food processor. Don't pay ridiculous prices at the market, smoosh up your own with favorite spices, and serve as veggie dip or cracker spread....

just a housemouse......

-- housemouse (, January 05, 2000.

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