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10) Real title was supposed to be Time Bomb 02/29/2000 9) Mr Yourdon wasn't wrong--only the experts he quoted 8) OK, it hyped the truth, but just try to sell, "Computer glitches will always be with us" 7) If it's printed somewhere, it must be right 6) Real title was supposed to be Time Bomb 2001 5) If a publisher accepts it, it must be right 4) Everybody needs more stuff in their basement 3) Publisher changed original proposal, which was, "Having a bomb of a time in 2000", by Jennifer 2) All proceeds will go to the rich and famous authors' club 1) Real title was supposed to be Time Bomb 3000

REMEMBER: I posted this under Humor. Don't hurt me; I'm very sensitive.

-- Jim Thompson (, January 04, 2000


that's the best you can do?

-- plonk! (, January 04, 2000.

Just checked the mirror; not even a smile. Now take a hike!

-- Yan (, January 04, 2000.

Jim Thompson:

It's pretty clear, Jim, that you haven't read the book. In all categories, four scenarios are presented: Brief (two days of problems), 1 month, 1 year, 10 year. You got to pick which one you thought was likely, and Ed Yourdon gave suggestions for each possibility.

We've already had more than 2 days of problems -- still minor, to be sure -- but NOT "nothing". Ed has to receive credit, already, for one possible scenario being fulfilled.

Now, Jim, we already know that Ed is a widely known and profoundly respected designer of software methodologies with over 20 technical books to his credit.

He also has comported himself like a true gentleman, with dignity and honor, all through the vicious and hurtful attacks he has received at the hands of thoughtless and heartless people.

You may have felt that your post was "humor", but the ridicule and ignorance it displayed reflect much more on you, than it does on Ed.

So far, that's all we really know about you, Jim.

-- Anita Evangelista (, January 04, 2000.

Touche' Anita!

-- Porky (Porky@in.cellblockD), January 04, 2000.

Jim, you didnt memorize that mantra I wrote for you earlier in this thread: 002Cqp


"I have a reading comprehension problem. I read only what supports my view of the world. I misread people's posts and then comment on what I thought I read. I have a reading comprehension problem"

-- plonk! (, January 04, 2000.

The "two day" scenario "fulfilled" because of the "problems" we've seen. There's just no way to jibe that with the facts. A few slot machines and some excessive late fines at the video store does not make for two days of general disruption to our way of life.

I very much doubt that you can find me one person in the United States--where Yourdon lives, preaches and publishes--who was without power-water-health care (you know, the things TB2K was about) for a full two days BECAUSE OF Y2K FAILURES.

-- Craig Kenneth Bryant (, January 04, 2000.

Now, I know this won't help, but I like arguing. If you think for a minute that what has actually happened so far fits the tenor and implications of Mr Yourdon's Y2K hype, you have a lot more problem with English than I do. So there.

-- Jim Thompson (, January 04, 2000.


#4 was funny, but the rest of it sucked...don't quit your day job, dude.

-- Bokonon (, January 04, 2000.

Is this guy Thompson a genuine jerk, or does he just persistently act like one?

-- John Whitley (, January 05, 2000.

Did I mention I filed this under Humor?

-- Jim Thompson (, January 05, 2000.

I have never seen any bunch of people with such an under developed sense of humor! Hey, it may not have been "that" funny but I don't sense malicious intent here. Get over it, laugh a little, life is short! Very short if you beleive what a lot of the hysterical postings here!

-- DAVID (, January 05, 2000.

Too funny, Jim. Even funnier are the shrill posts that things DID SO GO WRONG!!! Funniest of all are the revisionists backpedalling madly from their pre-y2k assertions.

I didn't so much as buy extra batteries for the flashlight...

-- JimH (, January 05, 2000.

I am not a catastroph, but I can tell you more fearsome things await homo sapiens sapiens. Just do the math.

-- lisa (, January 05, 2000.

I liked it the list.

Can't say, in all my lurking on these Y2K boards, that I've ever seen less of a sense of humor than with the doomers. Recall seeing a discussion on the Michael Hyatt board where no one could understand the humor in the Nike Y2K commercial. Talk about people that DGI!

-- boomer (, January 05, 2000.

i tried to wipe my @ss with it, but it wasn't even good for that!

long live capitalism!

-- funny (you@should.ask), January 18, 2000.

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