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Company I Work for has 3 people that make sure our systems don't fail.Highest ranking programmer literly running threw plant with his breifcase going to each moniter to see if it screened up.The man is in his 40's and looked like he was half dead.Before rollover last Thursday&Friday his crew was doig all kinds of testing,looked happy when he left for home,looked like fanatic yesterday&today.what does your company computer guys look&act like?

-- harry huges (, January 04, 2000


That's the computer programmer's professional code of conduct and demeanor.

-- kermit (, January 04, 2000.

In my case, same as always. Usually sitting around talking about this and that. ;-) We've come through with nothing surfacing as yet, and our system gets some pretty heavy use, so at this point I'm feeling pretty good about here, at least.

-- Ned Raggett (, January 04, 2000.

LOL; yep, if you will pardon a religious comment, it sure is if he has to administer Microsoft Systems. My programmer (me) only deals with Linux servers. All he does all day is watch his ethernet sniffers and type on this forum. Lotsa interesting activity today in the sniffer logs.

-- Michael Erskine (, January 04, 2000.

Michael: What sort of activity, and why is it interesting?

-- Dzog (, January 04, 2000.

Heh, mine quit just before rollover. Took a job at Tidewater Community College, so he could ride in on a white horse... Smart man.

-- Hokie (, January 04, 2000.

Mine looks like... me. Some lab PC's went back to 1980 (windows 3.1, no really), other than that we're fine. Fingers crossed.

-- Servant (, January 05, 2000.

As one of the "company's computer guys" I look like hell. Hardly had a life the past year with all the testing and re-re-re-testing. The New Year's rollover weekend we were either onsite or watching stuff from home as all the departments tested for the final time before Monday. Lots more stress due to this project than almost any other I've been involved with. The stress shows on our faces.

As we approached 1/1/00 the members of my team had one overriding feeling about Y2K: exhaustion. This was a major project at our company. The CEO and our VP dropped by New Year's Eve (they hardly ever visit us) to see how we were doing. If we had a problem that had been overlooked in pre-rollover testing we would have had to explain why. Stress did not end until we were sure everything had been tested live and there were no problems.

We were not happy campers during Y2K rollover weekend!!

-- Chris Josephson (, January 05, 2000.

Dzog; lots of .gov and hitting the web server. Since you indicate interest, I have been trying to identify a site that that I have been seeing outgoing traffic to for over a week. Perhaps you can help. It is in the net. Can't seem to figure out what that jccbi stands for. Ideas? E-Mail direct, please.

-- Michael Erskine (, January 05, 2000.

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