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1/1/2000 and otherwise intelligent, rational human beings begin spewing invective toward all doomers. Even Flint, yes, the God of pollydom, even he falls to the insidious nature of the bug and calls doomers dummies. In other instances pollies pretend to be doomers and renounce their status as doomers. Dr. Pinochle, alter ego to the great pinochle player, Mr. Pinochle, postulates that as the rollover neared pollies became more fearful and their immune systems were adversly affected leaving them vulnerable to the bug.

The easiest way to identify stricken individuals is by their answers posted to threads on TimeBomb2000. Unfortunatly, one effect of the bug is a deepening loss of rationality and civility resulting in humorless, boring posts.

That such a paragon of pollyhood as Flint can be infected demonstrates how insidious the now infamous Y2K bug is. The only known cure is to stock up and vote libertarian.

-- Mr. Pinochle (, January 04, 2000


Dear Mr. P--- I just read a posting headed "WEST COAST GRID DOWN!!!!!" You won't find it because it was a ruse by a very anti-doomer named Amelia and was promptly deleted. I was flabbergasted that someone would go to all this trouble--would even bother to yell at doomers. Then when I read further I saw that she?he? figures we are all the equivalent of white trash crossed with an agressive skin-head strain. It was totally ridiculous and and quite an assumption. I personally never knew that being worried about the power grid and oil made me a racial bigot. Where in heaven's name do these polly's get their ideas?

-- Pamela (, January 04, 2000.

Pamela stated, "Where in heaven's name do these polly's get their ideas?"

Pamela, you're relatively new here aren't you!!

-- Craig (, January 04, 2000.

Hello Craig (hope I remembered your name correctly), Actually I'm not new. Have followed y2k today and then Gary North and then TB 2000 for quite awhile--maybe half a year for TB 2000. I don't read all the posts and some I opened I closed quickly since it was drivel or something I didn't believe in. I've learned a lot and find this place most enjoyable. I viewed posters here as people who explored the possibilities of y2k thoroughly--even to horrible decisions that might have to be made for survival. I never had, nor do I now, have any intention of trying to impose my views on anyone else. I was just trying to figure out how best to survive. It amazes me that anyone could interpret storing food and heat sources as threatening.

-- Pamela (, January 04, 2000.

Why are the pollies still coming here anyway? Everything is perfect. The New Age has dawned. I can't believe they stoop so low as to respond to misanthropic throw backs like us. You would think they would be afraid their new evolved consciousnesses might become infected with negativity. The 'gloating' is so much misplaced cosmic energy they could better use to further human evolution elsewhere. It is utterly wasted on me.

-- Kyle (, January 05, 2000.

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