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I suppose it's hopeless to ask for help with a thread started by Hoffmiester, but somehow his latest Open Letter to Ed Yourdon has gone awry. If you do a view/source, you will see posts on the end that don't appear on the page. It appears to have been started by an HTML applet command. I'd post a close applet, but it won't let you reply either. Thanks.

-- Amy Leone (, January 04, 2000


It is in the thread "Open letter to Ed Yourdon"

A poster named "" typed in "<applet&rt;" with no closing tag...probably one of the debunkies. I guess they got tired of drawing funny little animations of Gary North eating crow and burping flying pigs.

Get a life debunkies.

-- Oldtimer (helping@out.whereican), January 04, 2000.

I tried to repost it with the answers and the file would NOT go. Tried for 10 minutes.


Ps have a copy as a WORD97 file if anyone wants it, just e-mail me.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, January 04, 2000.

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