Situation In Brasil according to media : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

This is the situation for the Bug according to the Rio de janeiro newspaper : jornal do Brasil:

4 links:in Portugese

Linkl 1) The brasilain Central Bank manager said that most of the money which were in circulation during the end of 1999 went back to the Central bank.The amount is around $2 billion for money taken away from applications and $700 millions which were in cash. Link 2 :Brasil spent between $ 5/6 billions in repairs which would have cost to the economy around $50/60billions Link 3:The Bank of Brasil considered a succes the first cheques swap of the year.10 millions cheques were exchanged between banks Monday.That is lowwer that a usual Monday

Link 4:The Health departmnent said that there were no problems in his sector.

As you can see NOTHING NO PROBLEMS at all according to the MEDIAS. How can it be possible ????All around the world problems have arisen but not in Brasil and who knowns how many countries have not reported accidents.

Alex from PRico

-- Alex (, January 04, 2000

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