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If you are intersted this is the situation in Italy The situation in Italy according to the Italian newspaper Repubblica is as follow:

1) two areas have been enterde with the Y@K problems: Justice and Health.

a)The world known fact that in Naples at the court there was chaos Monday morning with most of the dates for detention changed ( from an Italian point of view that is not a big problem belive me)

b)Venice : same problem with the dates of courts changed by 100 years and the date of birth too. Apparently when they print the date prints fine???? very strange c)In genoa at the justice offices the workers could not park in the garage because the card to enter did not worked.Two hours the main computer in the Health department doiwn because too many booking of appointments

d)Foggia (souhern Italy) At the Justice Dept. AGAIN!!! the clocks of the timing of the workers were off by a year.

These are the news from thois link if you know Italian:

It seems to many that if Italy has spent little in changing the Y2k problem how come not too many problems have started??? So was it like Castro said : ac capitalist way for selling more computers


I will see how my company has performed in Italy (big company) when I go back to work.

Alex from Porto Rico

-- Alex (, January 04, 2000


See also ugpunto/brutti/brutti.html

Below is the extremely imperfect translation using Alta Vista's Babel Fish translation service. The translation is as much for entertainment purposes as informational. Anyone fluent in Italian care to attempt a better translation? I'm not sure whether to simply scratch my head or have a good belly-laugh based on the Babel Fish's version. You can decide for yourself:

" the Bug has hit we remain in guard "

ROME - Small incidents without importance. The impazzimento of the computer science systems of the courts of surveillance of Naples and Venice (to which sum one small dysfunction for the timbratura of the cartellini to Genoa) has not touched an uncovered nerve of the technological network of the country. Therefore at least it thinks Maximum Ugly, undersecretary to the Inside, that the bobbin between the Viminale and Forte Braschi has passed last to the four days making, center of the unit of crisis against the feared Millennium bug. Last the midnight of 31 December, the fatidical change of date, and the first working day after you revel of New Year's Day, has arrived today the moment to make a first budget. " the things have gone well ", say Ugly. That but it continues to admonish: " still the moment has not arrived to lower the guard ".

Already, in fact the problems have not arrived the 31 but today...

" Yes today it has been some disadvantage. Even if we do not have not even the certainty that has been legacy to the Millennium bug ".

The indications but are all: the dates are jumped. The computers have moved the audiences, and the periods of detainment of one hundred years. Making confusion total between 1900 and the 2000. More bug than therefore.

" being Could also. But what it counts more it is that the systems have not been intaccati from the substantial point of view. The dates were visualized in not correct way, but null it has gone lost, nothing has been damaged in irreparabile way. A lot is true that all it has been put to place nel.giro.di little hours ".

Nevertheless some skirmish had been. Slid the 18 ottoble the Aipa had emphasized that the state field more exposed to the worm was just that one of the justice. And then it is to Venice that to Naples has gone in tilt the computers supplied from the same company. Not it has been perhaps a little lightness?

" Not creed. What that turns out me is only in both courts the procedures were in experimentation course. And then, it watches, in a day like that one today, in which the reform of the only judge entered in vigor, is comprehensible that the system justice has found overload. The essential thing but is being taken part for time ".

And for the future?

" it has been be a matter of isolated episodes. That for what the technicians say to us they would not have to ripetersi. More in a generalized manner but it goes said that it is opportune to maintain the maximum attention. Problems could in the next few months esserci also in the next weeks and. For this the government and its technicians will continue to supervise ".

No sottovalutazione, therefore?

" To underrate the risk would be one losing and short-sighted strategy. We do not mean metterla in practical. We have always said that the Millennium bug was a serious danger. And we will continue to farlo until when the emergency completely is not ended ".

To the end of the three terrible days there is also who grida to the bluff. Who thinks that the Millennium bug has been one montatura, if not quite one speculation. She that ne he thinks?

" Of forehead to what it was a concrete risk, massive investments were unavoidable. Sure the analysis of expenses is something that goes made. And when all it will be calmer there will be the time and the elements for farla. Now but it is more important to remain allerta ".

The truth says: expected one situation worse?

" Mah, I hoped that the things went well. But hope was one. Little before the midnight of the 31 Strongly Braschi we were all po' a thesis. We continued to ripeterci: ' We are attention, we are attenti'. But to the fine ones we said ourselves: ' You will see that it will not happen nulla' ".

-- Steve (, January 04, 2000.

Can you imagine going through life with the name "Maximum Ugly"?

Is there any wonder the Babel Fish is responsible for "more and bloodier wars" than anything ever invented?

-- Steve (, January 04, 2000.

Not bad fro a machine Steve,how do you use the service?


Alex from Porto Rico

-- alex (, January 04, 2000.

Actually, the translated report makes more sense than some of the articles I've read on Y2k in the US media.

-- fatanddumb (fatdumb@nd.happy), January 04, 2000.

"Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimbal in the wabe. All mimsy were the borrogroves, and the momraths outgrabe.

It seems that Italy is one big happy cassarole.

-- Mary (, January 04, 2000.

So you made it back from Wonderland, huh? How about checking out this old full length mirror we got here in the corner, Alice..its got some rather unusual characteristics, I think you'll agree......

-- Jay Urban (, January 04, 2000.

Man, Steve, I was thinking the same thing. This is the most entertaining unintentional collection of English I've read since the legendary _English as She is Spoke_. ;-)

-- Ned Raggett (, January 04, 2000.

I used to repair cameras for a living. The "janglish" used in service manuals back then puts this stuff to shame.

-- Ron Schwarz (, January 04, 2000.

Y2K has been Mostly Harmless.

-- Ford Prefect (bring@your.towel), January 04, 2000.

Alta Vista's "virtual" Babel Fish can be found at , with instructions and help provided.

The "real" Babel Fish, of course, is the antithesis of its virtual cousin (it is always accurate), and was the brainchild of Douglas Adams in his 5- book trilogy usually referred to simply as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was originally written roughly three- quarters of the way into the Century just passed, and which, only now, has been fully realized in an online version.

It's a long story. Read the books. You may also want to view this thread from the archives.

-- Steve (, January 05, 2000.

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