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I for one, do not know how I feel yet about the roll over. I'm not sure yet if I should celebrate or continue to be watchful. I've been doing preps for almost 2 years now and even started a business selling emergency supplies. I was very stressed this past week and when nothing happened, I still did not feel relieved! Have others here felt the same way?

-- Diane (, January 04, 2000


sure. i have been preparing for over 20 years. sometimes,like the flooding we had in northern calif.,you feel real good,other times when nothing happens you{me] question ourselves. i try to make preparation part of my lifestyle ie. joining black powder group,study herbs and collection

its like i say about "doing"

if you are a christian, or for that matter, anyone with a way... practice...practice ...... thinking is not "doing"

my people [yuchi] do not say goodbye we say ..


-- tso (, January 04, 2000.

clarification on feeling good about "flooding"

i felt good because my family,because of my preps, were able to help quite a few other people,even a few who had poopahed our earlier preps.

-- tso (, January 04, 2000.

Okay we have avoided the acute Y2K problems. We will see how the cronic, lower impact, economic problems play out. With the infrastructure intact they will be vastly easier to fix on failure. I would point out that due to legal liability, it would be better for upper management, for a company to go broke than to admit that Y2K is a problem.

There is a lot of venom out there if you listen to Chuck Harder's radio program to read the posts on TB2000. I think I know why.

On Y2K there are two beliefs and two actions yielding four results. A person either believes that Y2K could have been a problem or it's totally trivial. A person either prepared for their percieved level of problem, or did not. If a person honestly believed that Y2K would be trivial and did NOT prepare, this would be a moral action. If a person belived that Y2K could have been a problem and did prepare to whatever level they perceived the problem to be, this would be a moral action. If a person believed Y2K could have been a problem and did NOT prepare, this would be a very immoral action (if they have a wife and children). If a person beleived that Y2K would be trivial and prepared, this would be immoral (a waste of valuable family assets). Please note that this is all in the past now. It can not be changed.

From the Havamal: Cattle die, Friends die, Thou thyself shalt die. I know a thing That never dies. Judgement over the dead.

The only way a person that did not prepare can prove his actions as moral is to prove (beyond his own perceptions, which is adequate) that that either Y2K was never a threat (depending on where one lives) or that it all was taken care of. Considering the actions of organizations and governments, this is a hard row to hoe.

Meanwhile, my preps have improved my life. I have learned a lot on many subjects and am vastly better prepared for life's normal problems that occur on a regular basis, utility problems, weather problems, and the ocassional earthquake.

I've owned a small one cylinder gasoline genset for a decade and a half. It is inadequate for long term use, but then I don't have that much gas stored, just enough for short term emergency use and not enough power to run the A/C. Storing gasoline has always scared me. I now have a nice diesel unit with enough power to run some A/C which my wife requires intermitantly for health reasons. Previously she would have had to sleep in the suburban for cooled filtered air. Safer, healthier, I like it.

We will be eating our storage food if the spring's crop season passes with no problems. This will give us better diet than is usual around here. The bags of grain I purchased for neighbors will be given to food banks and a tax deduction taken.

We now have better camping equipment than before. I probably could have spent less time and less money and gotten near the same results. I percieved a threat to my family and took precautions to protect them. For this I have no need for apology.

-- Ken Seger (, January 04, 2000.


I had felt extremely stressed for the last couple of weeks. There was a lot of fear of the unknown. After the rollover I was just exhausted. I was surprised it had gone so smoothly. I was relieved but mostly just plain tired. I had put my all into preparing, wanting to make sure I did it to the best of my ability, financially and physically. I did a good job but it took a toll on me. I have rested up now and watched what was going to happen. I do feel relieved and still prepared for whatever might be ahead. Whether it be a big snow storm or whatever. I think resting helped most and also getting away from the subject for a while. I tried to get back into some of my other projects that had been put aside during prepping. I definitely don't feel guilty for anything I did. On the other board they keep talking about "apologies"...apologize for what? Last time I checked, this was a free country and we are allowed to spend our money on whatever we choose and we our morally responsible for the well-being of our families. No apology here. Get some rest and distract yourself a bit. Take care.

Peace Hope

-- Hope (, January 04, 2000.

Thrilled, happy, relieved, ready to take on the world. I prepped enough to deal with a bad situation (though not without a certain amount of adventure) but not enough to screw up my life the way things have turned out. My mom's on dialysis, and now I don't have to worry about her dying from lack of care. My city didn't get nuked. I've learned and done a lot of things that will help me deal with any situation likely to come up. More than enough for any y2k difficulties that may remain. I saw a potential problem, and was responsible enough to do something about it. Along the way I grew up a little. Now the potential nightmare is past, the future looks bright (though not without its dangers) and I'm on to the next project. Hallelujah!

This is not to say that I don't understand the letdown, however. If your entire focus has been Y2K, you're at that spot where you don't know what's next. I'm not, because I do have that other project which I've been putting off till '00. I recommend you find yourself a new goal, at least as difficult and worthwhile as prepping for the end of civilization, and go for it!

-- Shimrod (, January 04, 2000.

Hi Diane,

I, for one, am both celebrating and continuing to stay watchful. I'm celebrating because my power didn't go off, the main thing I was concerned with about Y2K. I'll continue to stay watchful because as a survivalist that is what I do by nature. Perhaps there'll be some signifcant Y2K complications further down the road and maybe not. It might be another destructive winter storm or a major hurricane may jink towards us this time instead of away as happened last summer.

If anything, I'm a little mystified that things went so smoothly but am generally pleased that they did.


The Providence Cooperative

-- A.T. Hagan (, January 05, 2000.

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